What To Do On A Romantic Holiday In Maldives

What epitomizes a romantic holiday the best? Be it a starry night on a private beach, excursions over or under water, historic and scenic walks, Maldives offers you choices galore. Visit Maldives for a romantic getaway – where all your passionate dreams are sure to be fulfilled.

Be one with the ocean

Go scuba diving or snorkeling with your partner for a thrilling experience. The azure and crystal-clear waters with a multitude of coral reefs make underwater diving the most exciting thing to do in Maldives. Or go snorkeling with your partner to witness many species of colorful fish, eagle rays, mantas, turtles and dolphins. You may need a marine biologist’s guide in hand for reference!

Try exploring the depths of the ocean with an amazing underwater submarine ride. Book a “Whale Submarine Tour” off Malé to add some excitement and bring a new vigor to your romantic sojourn. This adventurous descent into the blue will let you explore hidden sights that range from shipwrecks to sharks.

Plan an underwater date with the love of your life. The Ithaa Underwater Aquarium Restaurant and the Maldives Rangali Islands resort is a popular stay amongst honeymooners. You have the choice of in-room or outside entertainment offered by the island’s inhabitants.

Observing the sunset sitting on a beach is a wonderful experience but even better from a boat amidst the sea with your partner. A honeymoon in Maldives is incomplete without a luxurious ride in the floating safari boats. You can explore the little deserted islands and stare into the depths of the ocean. The experience of dining under a starry sky with waves splashing all around has to be experienced.

Explore the land

Around 200 beautiful inhabited islands dot the waters of Maldives. The capital city of Malé is itself amongst the many exotic places to visit in Maldives for honeymoon. Around 80 beautiful islands with romantic and luxurious resorts are the best of tourist spots for couples to enjoy their leisure in privacy.

While there, treat yourself & your partner to a rejuvenating couple’s massage. The thing to try is a massage with native virgin coconut oil on a beautiful water pavilion with the breathtaking view of beautiful azure waters. Sandy beaches lapped by titillating turquoise water will even tempt you to go in for a sand massage.

One of the must visit places in Maldives is the National Museum. You will feel a sultan or begum amidst the beautiful minarets and tombs of the ancient Friday Mosque. The view of the Grand pre-World War I palace is truly breathtaking.

A stroll along the sea of stars – the bioluminescent beach – at night is one of the best things you & your partner can do in Maldives. Better still would be treating yourself to a row boat ride along with your partner in the translucent waters.

Maldives is a truly rejuvenating and romantic retreat. So all the couples who are planning a getaway, get yourselves to Maldives right away!

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