Tips to Enjoy a Family Spring Break

Spring break is a treasured holiday time for most families in America. The period after heavy snow and rainy winter has gone and the crowds hit the beaches and mountains for summer. Vacationing during February to April can also be easier on your wallet as well as easier to plan. Maybe this is the reason why you are more likely to find more families often with elder grandparents on a spring break.

So why not plan a spring break trip for the entire family.

1. Choosing the right destination

Discuss ideas about travel destinations and things to do; be sure every person has something to look forward to. One suitable option is an all-inclusive resort with fun activities for the young, spas for elders, beaches, and water sports for the whole family to enjoy together.

2. Planning your budget

Don’t blow your whole annual vacation budget in one go if you plan for another trip in the summer. If the trip is more important in itself than the accommodation, opt for a budget-friendly hotel, rather than a luxurious resort. Also, keep some money separate for the inevitable purchasing spree.

3. Utilizing travel deals

Most resorts and hotels offer deep discounts during spring break. Research the area you’re traveling to, and compare prices on hotels and resorts. Often, booking in advance can save you big.

4. Packing what’s needed

Did you know some resorts don’t provide toiletries and instead also charge extra for other essentials, such as sunblock, swim diapers (required in some resorts and on most cruises), toothpaste and other stuff? Be sure to confirm the toiletries and other amenities provided before packing your bags.

5. Leaving Home

Sharing details about your trip on social media is sure fun, but also dangerous. Don’t ever announce that your home is going to be vacant during the trip. Share this only with friends and family, and ask them to visit your house periodically to ensure no suspicious activity.

6. Traveling on weekdays

Flight charges are higher and traffic is heavier on the weekends. It makes sense to travel midweek if you can. If traveling to different time zone plan to leave early to catch up on sleep and similarly on the way back home to school and work so, you have time to recoup and relax.

7. Plan ahead for special events

Avoid the stress of getting admission to events, reservations at specific restaurants or tickets to the water park. Make bookings and reservations in advance. Try to buy tickets online beforehand (usually at discounted rates). If staying at an all-inclusive resort, call ahead and make arrangements prior to arrival, so you don’t miss out on the experience of excursions.

8. Getting back to routine

Don’t stray too far away from your regular habits while traveling — coming home will be that much harder. Sleeping in is ok, but be sure to start waking up earlier on the last days prior to departure. Bedtimes get extended during vacation as do meal timings but overdoing it will be tough on you once back at home.

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