Seven Travelers Tips For a Healthy Summer Vacation

Summer is well nigh, and most of us have our summer trips planned, whether a road trip, stay-cation at some resort or relaxing by the beach. However, holidays and travel can mess with your health if you’re not prepared. It’s easy to veer off track from the healthy habits that we’ve integrated into our regular routine. So, just as you would plan ahead to get a hotel, car and fun activities, apply the same planning to your diet and exercise while traveling.

1). Be Active

Not one of the difficult ones to incorporate, as many vacations incorporate activities that gets them up and about. An unexpected bonus you should utilize is if your hotel or resort has a gym which means you can fit a quick session in between!

2). Stay hydrated

Being outdoors, sweating, drinking cocktails (hey, it’s hot!), and even generally moving around will naturally dehydrate you quite a lot, so it’s important to drink enough water all day through. It’ll also help you from mistaking thirst for hunger. Make sure you carry a bottle with you at all times.

3). Pack some healthy food

When leaving the house pack some healthy food – teas, protein powders, hemp seeds, granola bars, or homemade muesli. These are likely to come handy in an emergency as well. It is always a good idea to have some snacks with you that you can munch on in case you’re not anywhere near food when hunger strikes!

4). Hotel Food

Try and get a hotel room with a teapot, microwave or mini-fridge, most do. This will help you keep a few snacks handy in your room at all times. It is recommended to stock up on lemons, raw carrots, cucumbers, avocados, fruits and any other fresh produce you may like and get your hands on.

5). Local dining spots

Ask around where the locals go for healthy dining options. More often than not, eating the local cuisine is healthier than eating at a known franchise. For example, while visiting Mexico, you’d be better off eating some authentic Mexican dishes rather than visiting a franchise restaurant that you can do in the states as well.

6). Scope out your destination

When traveling, scout the local markets and grocery stores to stock up on local fresh produce. Always talk to the locals for local favorites to try out, or you can even ask the waiters what the healthiest options are. They definitely would know what they’re talking about!

7). Eat Fresh

While dining out, try to start off with a fresh salad or other veggies loaded dish that’s on the menu. This will not only satiate you but also help with digestion and ensure you’re getting some nutrition!

Most Importantly, have a give and take attitude. Enjoy your food without guilt as well by planning out your day with healthy eats as much as possible.

Setting yourself some ground rules will help! Remember, it’s a vacation! A time to enjoy with the many activities and company that’s around you.

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