Tips to Earn Money While Travelling

With an ever shrinking world and rapidly evolving technology at our fingertips, there’s never been a better time to take to the road. May it be a career move, a chance to follow your dreams, creating your own business, dabble in freelance work or a yearning for more control over your lifestyle choices, multiple options are available for the taking. The desire to roam around the world is on the rise.

A location independent lifestyle can be possible through freelancing, be it writing, blogging, sponsorship or affiliate marketing. There’s a lot to learn and experience from others who can show you how to earn successfully while traveling around the world.

Before you jump into this, you need to :

·         plan for how to make money

·         know how to travel cheaply and smartly

·         know how to think like an entrepreneur and run a business

With the online world, you can truly work from anywhere at any time and automate it so that it continues to run smoothly while you’re occupied otherwise. This involves focussing your skills, applying strategies effectively and employing tools to create and earn successfully online. Even though it’s challenging, earning money gives you a sense of freedom that is unprecedented and well worth the sacrifices.

What a digital business can give you

·         Means to travel for months at a time.

·         Pleasure of earning your first $1000 online.

·         Growing your earnings by bounds and leaps

·         Gaining subscribers or followers for your content

·         Landing a semi-professional writing gig for a leading publication

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich, or a business expert, you just need to know where to start, and it doesn’t have to be only about running a business while being constantly on the move. A few helpful resources on the web of note are given below.

The ‘Fluent in three months’ programme from the legendary Benny Lewis – who speaks 12 languages, teaches you how to speak a language in only three months. Knowing other languages is not only fun and a huge confidence booster, but it also aids in communication and understanding on your travels.

The ‘Frequent Flyer Bootcamp’ from Travis Sherry will teach you the system he uses to get cheap flights anywhere in the world for under $100. Never pay full price (or anywhere close to it) for airfare! That’s the information every traveler needs!

Often known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson has successfully managed a digital nomad business for over a decade and teaches others how to do it. Her ‘Freedom Plan Crash Course’ teaches you how to take your passions and existing skills to start a business that people will pay you for.

‘7 steps to be seen’ by Gabrielle Wallace exposes the less-obvious strategies that work for getting tens of thousands of subscribers, authentic views, subscribers, and visibility online plus an engaged audience!

Get insights from experts like these and more at The Paradise Pack, a bundle of world-class educational products. Learn from the more experienced, diligently apply what you’ve learned and you’ll be amazed at the lifestyle you can create for yourself. So, figure out how to START ­ honing your passion, brainstorm your first idea, and kick-off your earnings online.

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