10 Useful Packing Tips

The most common dilemma among inexperienced travelers is what to take and what to leave behind. Experienced travelers know this all too well. Here are some tips and tricks from a handful of seasoned travelers that can point you in the right direction regarding light packing.


1. Rule of thumb: Bring half the clothes you originally intended to take and double the money you think will be sufficient. We cannot stress the significance of this tip enough. You will always realize that you have not some item at the end of a trip and could have experienced more with a little more money.


2. Pack only what fits in your carry on. Losing luggage is a common problem among travelers. It is never a pleasant feeling when you get notified about the loss of your luggage. Getting stranded in your destination without your luggage can mess with your overall travel experience. The worst part is that you will need to spend valuable travel money on your essentials, cutting down on your travel budget. This will ultimately lead to putting limitations on your travel experience. Even if you don’t lose your bag, you will need to drag it around with you all the time, which may prove to be cumbersome.


3. If you are left with no other option but to check your bag in, request the authorities to paste a fragile sticker on it. By doing this, you can ensure that your luggage is kept on the top of the pile and are the first ones to get off the plane. Always try to use unique suitcases and bags to identify them quickly. If you have a plain old black suitcase, paste some stickers or ribbons on them to help you identify them instantly. The only thing worse than losing your baggage is mistaking someone else’s bag for your bag or someone else mistaking your bag for theirs.


4. Bring three shirts and three trousers. Make sure all the shirts match with the pants. With this, you can ensure that you have a total of nine unique outfits.


5. Books are classy, so are vinyl records. Lose the extra weight and space by cramming all the books into a Kindle and songs onto an iPod or your phone. With these devices, you can carry multiple books and songs at the fraction of the weight and space of their counterparts.


6. Don’t be a diva and take things like hair dryers. They can be found at the hotel of your destination.


7. Instead of carrying bulky sweaters that take up precious space in your bag, carry multiple clothes and layer them up to get the same insulation effect. As a bonus, you will have multiple options for your outfit.


8. Try to avoid carrying jeans. They are bulky and absorb dirt and odor. They also cannot be air dried quickly. Consider taking khaki and cotton instead.


9. Anything valuable that cannot fit in your daypack must be left back at home. Things get stolen all the time. All the expensive and precious gear you carry on your travels must always be kept you at all times to prevent them from getting stolen.


10. You can get essentials like soap, shampoo, socks and clothes anywhere in the world. Don’t worry if you forget to take them on your trip.

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