Vacation Ideas For The Budget Conscious

Traveling the world is not hard, but also not for everyone. While many dream of traveling the world (or even taking a few months off work), it’s not always feasible. A lot of things can get in the way.

But even if you cannot backpack across some exotic Asian countryside or Latin America, there are many other ways to get on the road and see the world. You need not fly across oceans to explore the world. Your backyard can hold as many exciting destinations as does a country across the world.

Here we show you ways to travel and explore even if you are strapped for cash or time.

Travel Local

Have you visited all the tourist places in your own state or country? It’s surprising how most people have never seen the local attractions that lure millions of other visitors. Few people look in their own backyard for adventure; we always put it off, because we can always pay a visit when we want. So make a decision today and make that ‘tomorrow’ happen. The best way to spend a few days of your time is  to wander your own city exploring. Especially if you’re short on time and money.

Tip: When you decide to tour local, it’s wise to check out of your house and into a hotel, hostel or guesthouse for the duration. It’s important that you move out of your comfort zone. Moving to a distinct location can help give you a feeling of unfamiliarity, excitement, and adventure.

Book a Cruise

Cruises are very expensive as a norm, with even a week-long Caribbean cruise costing in the range of $600–700 USD per person for a small interior cabin. At times, if you delay and be among the last passengers running onto that ship, you can bag yourself some sweet bargains.

In general, cruise lines always offer incredible deals at the last-minute. No captain would want to weigh anchor with empty cabins. If you can wait until the last moment, you can benefit from some amazing deals as cruise lines scramble to onboard passengers. A quick glance through expedia.com/cruises show last-minute cruising deals going for around half the rates. Besides, cruise operators always throw in a few toppings – free upgrades, onboard amenities and cash vouchers to sweeten the deal.

Tip: The website Cruise Sheet often has cruises on offer for as low as $30 per day!

On the other hand, if you organize your travel in advance (say a year), Cruise lines also offer up amazing low fares for early birds. If you’re part of a larger group looking to take a cruise, it is recommended that you visit a travel agent. They have close business relationships with the cruise liners and can score better packages than if you deal directly.

And even after you have made your bookings, keep a watch on the prices, because if they drop, you can often get your travel agent or the cruise company to issue a partial refund or compensating vouchers to use on the boat.

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