Finding out that you are not completely prepared for your travel just before you’re ready to leave is an unpleasant feeling. This is even worse if you have already left. Here are some valuable tips to remember if you want travel without any hiccup.

•   Rent wisely – No two places are the same. Some may be overpriced. Others may be affordable but may not offer the amenities you require. By checking travel sites like Flipkey and TripAdvisor, you will be able to draw a proper conclusion of the kind of place you want to rent for your vacation.

•    Before you depart, ensure that your iPod or any device that you use to listen to music is charged up and has a good collection of travel music.

•    Save images of important documents (like identification, travel documents) to your phone or laptop computer to avoid the possibility of losing original copies.

•      If you don’t need something for your trip, don’t bring it. Always travel light. If you pack lighter, you will get through airport security quicker. Sometimes our luggage may even slow us down and may restrict us from doing a lot of things.

•    Keep hygiene products like sanitizers, deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cologne and tissue along with your carry-on. If you are travelling for an extended period then you many need to freshen up. Having these essential things in your carry on will come in handy.

•    Iron your clothes prior to time, or simply wear clothes that do not need ironing. To avoid creases, you can fold your clothes.

•    Carry universal power adapters, extra batteries and chargers to keep all your devices powered up all throughout the trip. For those who need multiple sockets to power many devices, you can carry a spike buster. Some hotels may offer these adaptors if you forget to bring it along with you for the trip. Some may not have spare ones, so it is advisable to carry it with you on your journey.

•    You can never be certain of the weather even after looking at the forecast. To avoid such surprises always take an extra light jacket, sunscreen and umbrella to be equipped for the worst case scenario.

•    If you’re traveling to an entirely new country, examine the rates before the trip. Think of all the souvenirs that you may need to get for your friends and yourself. Set up day-to-day budgets to avoid going broke in between the trip.

•    Use Google Earth or Google Maps to analyze your location and the route you may need to take to reach places. Travel service like Uber is a good option. So ensure that you have got the necessary apps downloaded.

•    Bring Ziplock bags to preserve any valuable things or to get toiletries organized. Using ziplock bags can prevent you from losing small things.

•    Don’t be afraid to travel old fashioned. If you wish to rock a fanny pack to remain organized, Go right ahead. You may even pick up an old fashioned camera when all your devices are out of juice. This may come in handy when you least expect it.

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