6 Tips for Solo Travellers to Australia

Australia is an expensive nation, and the expense of travelling around Australia can go out of hand if you don’t plan your solo trip well enough. To offer solo travellers some assistance with creating their own adventure around Australia, we have come up with some tips.

Some crucial advice-

Always get a feel for the vastness of the country before you start any planning. You must do this so as to match your timeframe with the distance you need to travel to visit the places you want to see. Most first-time solo travelers underestimate the travel distances in Australia and jam too much into their travel plan. Mentioned below are some tips and tricks that will help you choose your destinations wisely.


1) When making a rough plan, use google maps to check distances and the time needed to cover those distances. This will give you an approximate estimation of the actual time required for the travel. For instance, let’s say you plan on going from Melbourn to Adelaide, Google maps identifies all the options that you have with the time needed to reach your destination. From these options, you can choose the one that would be ideal for you. Do this for each and every trip you would make to allow accurate timeframe for your travel.


2) It is much better to travel on land with cars, buses and trains. Flying is the fastest way to get around the country. For first time travellers, this is not advisable, as you will miss out on the fundamental essence of travel if you opt to fly. You can experience the vast landscapes and the rich diversity of Australia only when you travel by land.


3) It is extremely easy to underestimate distances in a country as vast as Australia if you are a solo traveller. Always choose road trips with distances that you are comfortable with so as to keep the travel stress-free and fun.


4) You must time your trip well. Never stay for long or extremely short periods in one place. Think of all the places you would want to visit and allow enough time accordingly to experience all that the place has to offer and make the most of your time there.


5) It is always advisable to choose both guided tours and independent exploration to keep the travel exciting and fun. You may allow half of your time exploring alone and the other half on informative guided trips or any such combination as per your will. The guided tours are advisable as the agencies conducting these trips have far greater resources than what you would be able to attain. Some of the activities provided by such agencies are river cruising, viewing wildlife, Cultural exploration of indigenous people, outdoor adventure, wine tasting and many more.


6) Be extremely clear about what you would want to focus on when you visit Australia. This could mean acquiring a new skill like surfing, or hiking in national parks, watching and experiencing wildlife, or even indulging in local food and wine. Once you have sorted out what it is that you want to focus on, it is easy to choose a destination and the timeframe for travel.

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