Travel Tips- Plan An International Trip Before The End Of The Year


The time to relax and unwind is around the corner. There is no better way to spend this holiday than taking a vacation to an off-beat location. Vacationers today are traveling to exotic locations like Thailand, Singapore, and Dubai as these countries have something for everyone.

With the ease of booking through travel sites and app, a new trend of Do-It-Yourself has emerged where a traveler plans his/her own itinerary at the best available prices. This means that the traveler gets to skip all boring aspects and do things that they enjoy. With hassle-free and seamless modes of booking, there are endless possibilities. Here are some popular activities that you can choose to do to create special memories and maximize the happiness quotient from the trip.

Family-Friendly Travelers

Traveling to exotic places with family can be a wonderful experience for all the members of the family. It can create lasting bonds and even mend or improve existing ones. It does come with its own set of challenges, but this must be a goal for all families due to the benefits it can impart on the same.

Dubai is increasingly becoming the most popular location for travel for family excursions. With theme parks that have world ranked rides with record-breaking sizes, it’s no wonder that it is popular with family travelers. The largest indoor theme park, the IMG World of Adventure is a big attraction along with Ski Dubai that has broken all previous records for having 3000 square meters of snow in the middle of the desert.

Singapore is not far behind with popular places like the SEA Aquarium, Sentosa, and Universal Studios of Singapore. All these places have fun-filled activities for all the members of the family.

Thailand is also a popular place for families with the Marvel experience and the Cartoon Network themed water park called Cartoon Network Amazone. You can sure that the kids will be thrilled to know that they will get to visit such places.

Adventure Seeking travelers

Exploring new places can be an adventure in itself. Australia Travel can be a great experience as you will get to discover a whole continent and all the cultures that have evolved. Travelling across the country you will get to witness many firsts that you have never seen first hand in your life.

If you are more of a thrill seeker looking for adrenaline seeking adventures, you can travel to Dubai form some unique water adventures like scuba diving, snorkeling, jetovator experience to name just a few along with other extreme adventure activities like skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah.

Singapore offers some unique places for adventure as well. The Giant Swing in Sentosa, the Megazip and Bungee jump are some popular places of these activities.

Romantic Travelers

The glittering coastlines of Thailand and Dubai are popular locations for romantic travelers to create lasting memories and unwind. Island hopping is a popular activity when in Thailand. Some of the most scenic islands to take pictures are the Phi Phi island and the James Bond island. If taking a dip is your thing then you can head over to Naka island.