The Case for Touring Australia by Road

Thinking of touring Australia or taking a road trip down under? Here are a few tips that will help you navigate across one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world!

On Road or To Fly

Traveling between the major cities of Australia can be a lengthy process if done on wheels. Melbourne and Sydney may seem close on a map but takes at least 10 hours, without taking traffic into consideration. Similarly, Perth to Melbourne is a whopping 36-hour drive across one of the most unforgiving terrains in Australia! Temperatures top 40°C (104°F) during daytime in summer, at times reaching as high as 50°C (122°F).

So it’s advisable to fly between major cities if you can. Many opt to save on time and cost by only doing an East Coast tour.

If you choose to travel by air..

Take into account the time it takes to travel to and from airports, be it taxis, rentals or public transport.

Allow extra time to check in your baggage and gear.

As everywhere else, try to get any fragile or expensive gear on board in your carry on.


Unlike the US, regional towns are few and far between, with road at times the only option to reach them.

If hiring vehicles from rental car companies..

Mileage limits are often an average 100kms per day and $0.31 cents or more per km after that.

Watch out for administration, premium location, collision waiver, one-way hire, and additional driver fees.

Parking spaces in inner cities are around 2.1 meters high. Most vans are taller and longer, so be careful not to lose your roof in parking garages.

Check the vehicle’s mileage through the make and model. Budget for the mileage and the fuel rate appropriately before you embark.

Finding accommodation en route

You need to be well-rested during your trip as you will most likely be up early and have a day full of driving. So you need to ensure you have a nice comfy bed to sleep in each night.

If opting for AirBnB or Stayz, consider the logistics of picking up the keys. Sometimes it can be easier to use a hotel chain with 24-hour check-in.

Always make sure that there is sufficient parking at the accommodation.

If on a tight budget and booking the cheapest hotel, look out for toll roads, paid parking and distance from your route.

There is no better way to explore Australia than on a road trip. Not only does being on the road allow you to experience the country’s vast natural splendors, but it can also be a very cost-effective way to explore Australia’s numerous significant sights and attractions. Not to mention the small yet vibrant towns off the beaten track full of authentic Australian culture.

Road tripping over Australia is not an easy task. The drive can be long and strenuous, especially if done constantly for a few days at a stretch. But those that do undertake the journey are sure to be rewarded with some incredible experiences.

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