Advice On How To Survive A Summer Vacation With Kids

Mothers need not be told that an impulsive vacation means trouble. You’ve got to plan in detail, survival being the operative word. Even the best of moms can get derailed on vacation. So if you’re planning a cross-country road trip or a long flight along with your little ones, the tips mentioned below will come in handy.

Pack Light

No don’t laugh, carrying all that junk with you is useless. You won’t need more than a couple of suitcases and a carry-on for the flight. You will enjoy it much better without the stress of getting a couple of kids and umpteen bags onto a plane.

The best bet to keep your kids occupied is to keep yourself engaged with them. The more engaged you are with them, the happier they are. So, woman up. Don’t expect any me-time while traveling.

Keep It Simple

If you plan a long car trip, have a big box of books that the kids never see except in the car. This will keep them busy for hours on long drives.

Stock up on snacks, as much as you can, as often as they need. Stay clear of sugary drinks and Juices to avoid frequent “leak breaks.” If you don’t want your outfit or car seat covered in puke or poop, you must carry lots of plastic bags.

Where to Stay

Accommodation(s) in transit are pure hell. Just keep your expectations low, accept this and move on. Spending nights on the road on long drives will have you trapped in whatever low dive motel you can get into. If you manage to get some shut-eye in a hotel room with over-tired, excited children, be thankful.

For accommodation at your destination, rent a suite, house or condo. You will want a kitchen, space, and room for time-outs. And it’s cheaper for a family because you save so much on eating out.

Divide and Conquer, Run Them Ragged

If you have more than one tot, insist on two hotel rooms especially if you’re delayed and stretched to your limits. Divvy up your kids with your partner: divide and conquer.

One tactic is to keep them out late. If you need to spend the night in a hotel on the road, let them jump and play around or watch TV until late before taking them out to dinner. They might be hellishly cranky, and not that well-behaved, but at least they will get knocked out by the time you get back. Not to mention them nodding off in the car, the next day.

Come to think of it, there’s really no joy of playing around with your smartphone in the bed with all the lights off in your hotel room.

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