Survival Tips For Holiday Season Travel

If you have decided to travel during the holiday season, you should always expect huge crowds as everyone else is travelling too. You cannot let endless security scans, hopeless drivers, and long ques at airports get the best of you. Mentioned below are some tips on how to travel during peak holiday seasons without losing your cool.


Do your research.

Make changes to your travel route if you are sure about traffic buildups. There is always the option of a long scenic route that may take longer but will have little or no traffic. You can take multiple breaks in between to keep the kids happy. If you are taking a flight, always make sure you check the restrictions of the airlines on carry on luggage and the fees associated with check-in bags.


Stay Connected.

Make it a point to get all the travel apps you would need during the trip beforehand. With the Flight Status app, you get real-time updates regarding baggage numbers, delays and more. GateGuru can help in estimating the approximate time you may have to spend in security. Taking a road trip? GasBuddy and SitOrSquat can help you locate the least expensive fuel station and the cleanest bathrooms.

Make it a point to pack drinks and snacks for a road trip. If you are taking flight, make sure you get something to eat before boarding the plane.


Pack light.

Avoid check-in bags entirely if possible. By doing so, you can avoid waiting for the conveyor belt to deliver them to you and you not be stressed out over losing them. If you have no other option but to check-in your bags, then make sure you have your medications and all the important document in your carry-on. It is also handy to have a pair of fresh clothes in your carry-on in case there are any complications with your check-in.


Pack earplugs.

Earplugs are handy. Make sure you have them with you to turn down any irritating noises during your trip. Not able to perform your daily yoga routine in the airport will all the noise? With a pair of decent earplugs, you will hear almost nothing and can concentrate on whatever you want to do. This is also useful in other instances like trying to sleep with a baby crying in the next seat and drowing out your sister’s irritating music on the road trip.


Never get hungry.

Hunger will bring out the worst in people. When you are hungry, you will not be able to think straight, and any small thing will set you off. To avoid such a scene from happening, pack snacks and beverages in your carry-on to keep your glucose level up in case of emergencies. If you are taking flight, grab something to eat before you board your plane.


Ship gifts or give gift cards.

TSA has instructed all travellers not to wrap gifts until they reach their destinations as the may be opened up during the security inspection. Always make it a point to ship the gifts ahead of time or better yet give out gift cards or an Amazon card.