Some Practical Road-Tips for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone isn’t always a smooth ride, so here are a few useful tips for solo travelers to help you with that long and winding journey…

Dress & Act local

It’s one thing to dress like a local, but it’s a different matter altogether to act like a native. If you really wish to blend in, be sure to take a visual note of what others around you are wearing and follow suit. If you want to blend in and not be taken for a tourist target, go with the flow.

Reach your destination before nightfall

The golden rule for all solo travelers – especially female – should be this – always get to your destination before dark. That’s the best way to ensure you are aware of your surroundings, top up essentials and aren’t walking the streets with an invisible ‘tourist target’ on your forehead.

Don’t get wasted when traveling alone

This could be one of the most obvious and sensible decisions to make as a solo traveler. Of course, if you are with a group of friends, go for it. But in no circumstances should you be out on your own and attempting to make it home safe being wasted after a night of heavy partying in a strange city.

At all times, Be aware of your surroundings

When traveling solo, you alone are your eyes and ears to ensure the safety of you and your belongings. It’s important not to take chances. Use common sense and heed all safety precautions and never let your guard down.

Leave a trail – back home

Social media can be a great help while traveling solo. A quick photo upload or simple check-in at a new location will help keep your family and friends back home updated on your whereabouts. It’d be wise to try and set a sort of ‘time frame’ of absence before you set out to let them know something is wrong.

Ready a decoy persona

In case of an emergency, remember to have an alter ego or a “second self.” You obviously wouldn’t want to disclose everything about you to strangers you meet. You’re going to have to think quick – and be convincing at the same time.  It’s better to have a backup story ready in case of tricky situations.

Have a fall back option

There’s no harm in having a backup plan. Believe in your instincts and never compromise on your safety… opt for your plan B when needed.

Finally, confidence is key

The worst thing anyone can be as a solo traveler is to look worried or out of sorts. Even when you are lost or in trouble, remain assertive and attentive at all times. It can be tough to be so at challenging times. Just keep in mind that all will turn out okay in the end. It might at times take a bit longer or involve a few more hiccups than usual. Treat it all as part of the challenge of solo travel.