A Few Packing Tips For Your Next Trip

The short weeks before a big trip are all about thoughts that err on the edge of caution. To help calm your nerves, we have put together a few useful packing tips for you as you ready for your next big adventure. Read on…

Make A List.

The very first thing you need to do is make a list of the items you will need where you are headed to, with regard to the specifics of your destination. The basics –clothing, undergarments, shoes, glasses, jacket… pretty much all the items you would use in the course of your planned time off.

Pick your outfits based on the number of days you plan to be out, especially keeping in mind the events you have planned (will you be having a nice dinner, or hitting the hotspots on a few nights? – If so then be sure to pack some sharp outfits as well).

It’s always good to bring along more socks and underwear than you think you’ll need.

Taking Stock of Essentials.

Are you afraid of losing your luggage or being sent off to a wrong destination? Misplacing your bag happens more often than you think, so plan to have your essentials in your carry-on at all times instead of your checked luggage.

These should include essentials like your toothbrush, a change of clothes, even tickets and confirmations – all items you would want to hold onto you, always.

Downsize Everything Possible.

The goal is to keep everything as light as possible. To achieve this, you have to downsize – everything.

If you are a book person, you don’t want to bring a separate bag just for the books. Welcome to the digital age, get an E-Reader like the Kindle, or maybe just download a reader app for your smartphone or tablet and download all the books you want.

The same is recommended for those who feel they must remain connected to the world they are supposedly getting away from. Why lug around a bulky laptop around when you can downsize and bring along a tablet?

Understand Your Destination.

With some simple research on your destination with regards to the weather and planned activities, you can easily avoid overstocking items that you will never need. Nothing makes a trip cumbersome than large bags full of items you never needed to bring along in the first place. Going someplace tropical – pack that swimsuit. Going someplace warm but rainy as well – Be sure to pack the waterproof windbreaker and rubber shoes.

Take Care Of “Essentials.”

When it comes to the gray area items: ask yourselves this: why are you going on vacation? This simple answer will help de-clutter your suitcase from all the unnecessary stuff that makes its way into our bags.

A vacation away from work? Then leave the laptop behind. That way, emails won’t be able to reach you. On a trip to reconnect with your spouse or family? Leave the books behind. Unless you are out for more “ME time,” it’s better to leave all stuff behind.

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