New York City Bachelorette Party – Hosting Tips


If you know anything about parties then you’ll know that hosting one is a daunting task. Imagine you are tasked with hosting a bachelorette party, just thought of planning it alone can send you into complete panic mode. If you are then told to organize it in New York City, this will surely make the whole process ten times more stressful. This is a city that never sleeps and with so much to see and do here, you might be stuck with how you are going to fit it all into such a tight timeframe. Nothing comes cheap in this city. So, figure out your budget well in advance and keep close tabs on your overall costs.

If you do find yourself planning a bachelorette party in New York City, here is some advice to help you with it.

How do you keep the cost down?

There is no doubt that New York City is an expensive place. This is especially true for visitors coming in from most other smaller cities as the prices are significantly higher here. If you really want to save some money on things that don’t matter much and allocate them to things that do, you can try these tips. This will ensure that you get more bang for your buck.

Travel Tips

If you are travelling to New York from any other location for the party you should know that the cab fare in New York City is extremely high. We suggest you avoid taking them and use the AirTrain or the subway instead. Just by doing this you may be able to save $50 or more per ride. If you need to get a taxi for whatever reason then you can go with green or yellow ones. Black cars need to be booked well in advance and cost significantly more.

Food Trucks Over Restaurants

If you want to grab something to eat then head to the nearest food truck. The food offered by these food trucks is significantly cheaper than restaurants offering the same type of food. It is quick and convenient to fill up your belly without spending any unnecessary money.

Don’t Start Early

The restaurants and bars in New York City are incredibly expensive well before you add the tip to it so we recommend you to stay in your hotel for as long as you can before you head out. Start the party in your hotel room. Companies like Uptown Spirits can deliver your favorite drink to the doorstep of your accommodation in NYC without you having to pay the New York City prices for it. This will mean that you are already in the zone to enjoy the ambiance when you hit the clubs.

Walk Around More

Walking to places may seem like a far stretch and a bit inconvenient if you are all dressed up for the party but there is no doubt that covering places by foot can help you save some money. As an added bonus you will get the see more of the city than you see if you are zipping past everything with taxis or other quicker modes of transportation.

Special Shirts To Mark The Occasion

To mark the occasion of the bachelorette party, get special shirts for everyone. As you will have this party in New York City, you can get the skyline printed on them or purchase shirts with this theme and further customize it. If you are organizing a party in say Australia, during Australia travel you can get something special printed on the shirts like a kangaroo that make it distinctly unique to the location.