Japan – More than just skiing

Visit Japan – the land of myriad hues

A journey to Japan takes you through a fascinating mix of contrasts. From the powder white of snow to pink of the cherry blossom trees, from the modernity of Tokyo to the old world charm of Kyoto. All in all making a trip to Japan is a must-visit on your list of places.

A country rich with heritage and culture, Japan’s stunning landscape and fascinating vistas are a mesmerizing blend. Not to forget it is the technology capital of the world.

So what is it like?

A truly unique experience awaits you in Japan. Adventure lovers can get a taste of famous Japanese ski slopes, Nature lovers have Mount Fuji to explore. The cultural enthusiast would soak in the historical beauty of ancient Temples, Buddha Statues, Shrines, Geisha districts. For the City lover there is the dizzying flashiness of Tokyo. If food is your thing and Sushi is your love, where else you get the authentic but Japan! Get amazed with the variety of cuisines in the country, local to every region.

Ski on your mind!

Get the adrenaline kicked in when you ski through the world famous ski slopes of Japan. The feel of the white powdery snow and fresh air are sure to get you all pumped up. The landscapes of extinct volcanoes and snow covered mountains are a visual delight. The waist deep and dry snow makes it a perfect run on the quiet smooth slopes.

Can’t get enough of skiing? Only in Japan can you get the unique experience of night skiing. The slopes are lit up by strong floodlights and you can get you fill of skiing till late in the night.

All ski resorts come with a variety of wine & dine options and best of accommodation to suit all tastes.

What should be my next stop?

No trip to Japan is complete without exploring the capital city of Tokyo. A perfect blend of modern and traditional, Tokyo gives you a glimpse of the old and new Japan perfectly. If the towering sky scrapers make you dizzy, there are peaceful gardens and tranquil temples just around the corner.

With bright neon signs all around and latest fashion on the street, Tokyo can match the spirit of any modern city and more…You just cannot miss out the technology stores spilling over the street.

Yet, amongst the mesmerizing chaos and hectic lifestyle, there is a deep rooted history and culture embedded in the core of the city.

Visit Meiji ShrineTsukiji Fish Market, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden for a taste of local lifestyle. Experience Sumo wrestling first hand…just as an audience might we add! Go to the 52nd Floor Observation Deck of the Mori Tower for a panoramic view of the city. Stop over at Shibuya Crossing to experience the organized chaos and multitude of people. Visit Ebisu, a trendy neighborhood full of eateries and bars, frequented by locals. Sample the delights of Japanese food and a drink of Sake the local way.

What’s more in Japan?

From Tokyo, you can also plan day trips to Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi and Nikko National park. For more fill of historical Japan, take a bullet train trip to Kyoto and visit the Geisha district. The train itself crosses some stunning landscapes throughout the journey.

With an intoxicating beauty, cultural contrasts and diversity of entertainment, Japan truly makes for a fascinating holiday experience!

What have we planned for you?

We’ve created an exciting itinerary ensuring each and every visitor gets a taste of diversity of Japan in all comfort and luxuries!


§  Awaken the adventurer in you, it’s time to hit the Ski Slopes

Enjoy the beautiful powdery snow and adrenaline thrills of rushing down a slope. Get that tan and then hit the bar at one of the comfortable resorts we’ve booked for you to revere in the exhilarations of the day


§  Explore Tokyo

Savor in the sights and delights of a modern city firmly rooted in its culture and heritage. We’ve planned trips across the city to give you an insight of the local life & traditions and to show you what makes it a technology capital of the world


§  Enjoy the Gastronomies

No trip to Japan can be complete without enjoying the local cuisine served the traditional way. Enjoy Sushi and Sashimi with a cup of Sake in a traditional setting. Make yourself comfortable on the low cushions and get ready for Kimono clad staff to take you on a culinary delight


Couldn’t get enough of Japan? We can plan customized trips to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Mount Fuji and more


Book today and delve in the sights n sounds and countless attractions of this beautiful country.