Etiquette Tips To Know When Visiting Australia – Travel Tips

Australia is thousands of miles away from most places both geographically and culturally. Although it may seem familiar to most of us, it is far from that in reality. This is not just because you are recovering from a long flight, there’s more to it than that.

Australia seems like a sunny, laid-back and a friendly place with gorgeous beaches outlining the whole continent-country. Everyone is welcome here and most people are fun-loving and don’t take themselves too seriously. Still, it is essential for first-timers to follow some simple etiquette to have a good time during Australia travel. So here are some etiquette oriented travel tips when travelling through Australia.

Don’t Leave Your Trash Behind

Australia is a country known for its beautiful landscapes and scenic views, so it is only natural to assume that this has been achieved through some serious work to keep them that way by the Aussies. When it comes to littering, Aussies are fiercely protective of their country and will not tolerate it. If you are caught littering, you may be fined or just frowned upon by the locals. 

The solution is quite simple, during your Australia travel, be extra cautious about keeping your litter to a minimum and carry it with you while travelling and dispose them into trash cans. Before you throw them into just any bins, identify their colors with the kind of trash that you are allowed to put in these bins. Most countries use different colored bins for different kinds of trash to aid in recycling so look up online or ask a local for some help. This travel tip applies to all countries across the globe. 

Tipping Is Not Mandatory

Tipping is a very common practice in most places across the globe, but Australia is not one of them. This is due to the fact that the wages are relatively higher for cab drivers, hotel staff, and everyone in the service industry so no one really relies on tips. During Australia travel, you may occasionally find a tip jar. You can empty all your change there. Generally, tipping is not something you will need to worry about while travelling in Australia. 

If you are really happy with the service of the staff in someplace and want to tip them, be aware that it is not a very common practice here so be prepared to face some resistance from the staff before they accept it. If you are in a more upscale area or a touristy place then tipping may be more acceptable there. 

Familiarize Yourself With the Local Language

One of the most invaluable travel tips is the ability to understand and communicate with the local language. This is sure to help you blend right in. It is no different with Aussies as even though English is the language of choice across the country, it is quite different as compared to the standard British and American English that we are used to. There may be times during your Australia Travel when you hear phrases and words that sound completely foreign to you even though it is English. There are some words and phrases in the Aussie lingo that will help you along when Travelling in Australia.

These are a few Travel Tips that will ensure that you have a pleasant travel experience in the land down under.