Earth Day – Budget & Eco-Friendly Travel Tips


On the 22nd of April was Earth day. This is an initiative which has been inspiring people across the globe to go green for over 50 years. Just as the journey of a thousand miles has to begin with the seemingly insignificant first step, small Eco-friendly steps can benefit the planet greatly in the long run. It is believed that from the inception of the earth day, there have been over 2.5 billion green acts.

This initiative has had a huge impact on the travel industry with most major players in the industry taking significant steps to reduce their carbon footprint. If you have been thinking about contributing to this great cause then there has never been a better time to start. You can contribute even if you are a budget traveler as being an Eco-tourist doesn’t necessarily have to empty your wallet. Here are some travel tips to help you do just that on your next big trip.

Where and How To Get Your Water

A majority of places across the globe do not have access to safe drinking water. To combat this problem, most tourists prefer to drink readily available mineral water packaged in plastic bottles during Australia travel. This must be avoided and discouraged as the amount of plastic waste that this creates significantly outweighs the convenience. We advise you to invest in a portable water filtration unit or if you are on a really tight budget then you can invest in water filtration tablets instead. Apart from this, you can research the availability of filtered water that is safe to drink. There is an app that shows you where you can get access to water (water refilling station) in around 10 countries across Southeast Asia. All countries will have some solution to this problem. To find an ideal solution you can ask the locals.

Eat and Drink at Local Joints

When you are out exploring new cultures, food is an essential aspect of the experience. Stay away from fast food joints like McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks. Ask the locals and do your own research and find restaurants that use the local ingredients to cook up the local cuisine. The beauty of ethical eating is that we get to eat outlandish meals cooked up with the freshest locally-sourced ingredients rather than consuming something that is frozen and shipped in to replicate the taste of home food. Locally available food is also much cheaper as well. When it comes to the drinks, you can choose local craft beer or wines.

Airplane Tips

It may be hard to believe but there are ways you can make your flights a litter greener. According to a study conducted by the world bank in 2013, flying first class is five-time as heavy as the economy in terms of carbon footprint. You can feel a lot more virtuous booking the cheaper economy class seat as it is the greener option. Along with this you can pack a little lighter and take direct flights when possible. While Travelling, If you have an option to choose the airports, you can go with greener airports who are doing their bit to make the world a cleaner place.