Celebrate Christmas In Paris!

Christmas is full of lights, a festive time anywhere in the world, but even more so in Paris. It’s a city that can offer the ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway or a memorable holiday for the entire family. However, most people never venture into these parts at this time of the year, mistakenly assuming that it’ll be dark, cold and grim. But December is truly one of the most pleasant times to venture there, and for those planning to leave home for the holidays, a family trip to Paris can be incredibly memorable. Every year, during the holiday season, several quarters and historical sites in Paris are festooned with elegant lights, effectively doing away with the November gloom.

For those intending to visit, we have a list of all the happening events around the city that ensures you make the most of it. Several not to be missed events are scheduled for both 2017 and 2018 that will make your holiday particularly special. To avoid unneeded holiday stress and to ensure a relaxing and memorable Christmas or Hanukkah, Make sure to plan ahead which includes booking accommodation, restaurants, tours or shows well in advance.

Traditional Christmas Markets

This holiday tradition has its roots in the Northern Alsace region of France, wherein for a couple of cheery months, numerous outdoor Christmas “villages” spring up around town in various locations. These include the snowy white or warm wooden stalls offering gourmet treats like gingerbread or mulled wine, in addition to decorations, genuine artisanal work, and other delights. Make sure to get in on the old-world cheer.

Most of these markets are themed “Santa’s Village” with rides and games that kids particularly enjoy, with the one at Trocadero featuring even an ice-skating rink. However the market in Champs-Elysées, traditionally the city’s largest one has been canceled this year due to differences between the city and the main vendor.

Special Christmas or Holiday Meal

If you’re in the town around the holidays and without access to a home or kitchen, you’ll likely want to go in for a special holiday meal. Be warned though that most of the city’s restaurants are likely to be fully booked full with some closed on and around the Christmas day. Try your best to confirm a booking for lunch or dinner on Christmas Eve.

Christmas at Notre-Dame Cathedral

Whatever be your spiritual beliefs or religious leaning, a visit to the Christmas Eve service at the Notre Dame Cathedral can be a marvelous and memorable occasion. The service, which on occasion features a stirring midnight choir, is open for all.

Holiday Spirit at Disneyland

The Disneyland in Paris is an exceptional way to soak up the holiday ambiance during your stay –and a surefire way to keep the kids entertained. The theme park will be decked out for the winter season from early November through early January 2018.

Take part in the holiday parade on the full-fledged Christmas themed Main Street and other festive events to ensure you along with your whole family enjoy the holiday season with fun and quality bonding time together.

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