An international trip offers excitement about knowing new places, new culture and surely it offers an overview of life at different areas of the world. However, a successful international trip is the synchronization of various sub-factors at its perfect harmony.

1. Pick up the hotel business card

Just on your arrival at the hotel, you need to pick up the business card. The card will have the contact details of the hotel mentioned and hence, if you ever lose the way to the hotel, it will be easier for you to trace back the route back to the lodging.

2. The 6-months rule for your passport

It is a universal rule in international touring that at the time you are landing at the airport of a country, your passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months, or you will be denied the entry to the country.

3. Have lesser frequencies in cash withdrawal from ATMs

Withdrawal from the ATMs, out of your bank network will levy higher charges on you. Hence, it is advised that you withdraw large amount of money at a go, so that the withdrawal frequencies are lesser and hence, you will require paying lesser transaction charges.

4. You need to have a credit card that never charges additional fees for transaction at international locations

Majority of the credit card providers charge additional fees for international transactions. Hence, you need to get the card, that is exempted of those additional service fees.

5. Set transaction alerts for your debit and credit cards

Before you are setting out for the trip, speak to your provider for setting up transaction alerts on your debit and credit cards, if not already registered. It will notify you about all the transactions going on with your cards and in case, some fraudulent usages are attempted on your card, you can take the corrective measures, up front.

6. Carry a box of medicines

You must carry a box of medicine, that will consist of the routine drugs that you need to consume as well as medications for the critical situations.

7. Carry a hard copy of the key contacts

You should get a hard copy of your key contacts. The list should have the phone numbers and email addresses for the local embassy, your bank manager, family physician, your attorney and also some of your friends and relatives.

8. Opt for the indigenous airline

You will do well, if you avail the passage services from the airline providers, that hails from the same country that you will be travelling. You will certainly get cheaper rates in those instances.

9. Pick the right roaming plan for your mobile

Refer to the various packages that your mobile operator offers for international roaming and pick the plan that best fits with your requirements and budget.

10. Adopt with the usage of Google Map

Remember, you will inevitably need to adapt to the Google map service that will enable you to escape the instances of losing directions in a foreign land.

11. Embrace the public transportation

Embracing the public transportation, you will not only be able to downsize the expenses, but, you will always get a locale beside you to guide you for the directions.

12. Look for the airport transfer

You should look for dedicated airport transfer providers for the location you will be travelling and reserve their services in advance, so that you do not need to worry about reaching to the hotel from the airport location.

Adherence to the points above, will ensure that your international trip will be free of hassle and hence, more pleasant and enjoyable. 

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