The beautiful river city, Brisbane is a must-go place for every tourist. Huddled between green national parks and the Pacific Ocean, the city is famous for its natural beauty and flawless weather. Are you planning to visit Brisbane during your next Australia visit? We talked with a few avid travelers to find exclusive tips for your travel.


Here are some travel tips for exploring Brisbane during your next trip.


Places to Visit


As the capital of Queensland state in the Commonwealth of Australia, Brisbane is filled with tourist attractions. Are you planning to enjoy all the essences of Brisbane, here are the top iconic attractions to cover during your Australia travel.


  • Story Bridge: It is an iconic historic bridge in this city. From here, you can enjoy the skyline of this city. Best visited by nightfall for a dramatic effect of the lights.


  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: Do not miss to watch Koala. Koala is a cute cuddly animal (in case you didn’t know). You must visit this sanctuary while traveling around Brisbane.


  • Boggo Road Gaol: It is the Australian version of Alcatraz. Here you can learn a lot about the history of this city. If you are into a cultural and historic vacation, this is a good place to include


  • The Wheel of Brisbane: Among Brisbane travel tips, this would be a priority item.  Visit this place to get a 360degree view of this beautiful city.


  • Anzac Square: It is a war memorial and is dedicated to the military of Australia. Opened in 1930 on Armistice Day, this memorial is devoted to the memory of Australian soldiers who lost their lives in world war II.


  • Customs House: This is an iconic & beautiful building dating back to 1889. This architectural gem is known for its glamorous ballroom. You must include this building to your travel itinerary while travelling in Brisbane if you love architectural sightseeing.


  • South Bank: For a relaxed Australia travel trip, you must visit this place. Here you can enjoy lush parklands & beautiful views of Brisbane River.


  • Dreamworld: If you are traveling with kids, this theme park is a must-visit place in Brisbane for a fun-filled evening.


  • Tamborine Mountain Distillery: Top travel tips for adult travelers would include this attraction. It is one of the most renowned distilleries in the world.


  • Museum of Brisbane: Among eminent travel tips for Brisbane, museum visits are classic items. Exploring the heritage, culture, and history of the land gives you a different perspective of things you see there.


  • Queensland Art Gallery: Explore more than 16,000 artworks of the modern and contemporary genre.


  • Warner Bros. Movie World: If you love Hollywood movies and thrilling rides, then add this park in your Australia travel itinerary. Here you can enjoy various spectacular stunt shows and 4D movie experience.


  • Queen Street Mall: This place is a shoppers paradise. Here you can get the latest fashion, trendy gadgets, and souvenir for your trip.


  • CityCat Ferry: If you love traveling by water, this ferry ride can give you an excellent tour of this city. It is a very inexpensive way to explore different iconic locations.


Remember that not all attractions will be at prime beauty throughout the year. Learn about the best time to visit Brisbane to enjoy a holistic vacation.