Travel Tips – Safe Travels With Seniors


Travelling with seniors can be tricky if you don’t have much experience in this regard. Here are some tips to help you ensure the safety of your senior loved ones and make it an enjoyable and memorable trip for everyone.

When travelling to destinations on airplanes, security regulations and protocols of all the airports can cause discomfort and be exhausting for everyone, especially to the seniors of the group. To ease this process the Federal Aviation Association has taken certain steps that can help ease the burden of senior travelers. These changes made by the FAA is especially beneficial for those with disabilities. This a welcome change that makes it better for everyone involved as travel should mean fun for everyone involved rather than becoming a headache.

Like any good vacation, during Australia travel with seniors, preparation is crucial to ensure that you get time to enjoy the vacation rather than figuring stuff out when you reach your destination. This can ensure that your senior loved ones enjoy the trip rather than having to figure things out along the way.

Here are some tips to make your travel a good experience.

Eased Restrictions

Senior citizens, especially those with any kind of disabilities have the ability to request assistance from when they enter the airport till they board their plane. Here are some changes made by the TSA to help make the boarding process simpler for senior citizens,

If a person is above the age of 75, they have the right to keep their shoes and a light jacket on when going through the security.

Wheelchair ridden passengers have the right to have a variation in their screening process to make it easier for them.

If a senior citizen has an electronic pacemaker implanted in them, they can request a pat-down rather than walking through the scanner.


The primary step for travel for seniors must be to get approval for travel to a certain location by their primary doctor especially for those patients that have Alzheimer’s.

Along with a clearance from the doctor, they must be up to date on all the vaccinations required. Some countries require some unique vaccination that may need to be administered well in advance. Get the appropriate information from the authorities and get them vaccinated accordingly.

Airfare Discounts

It is not all compromises when it comes to travelling with senior citizens, it may even come with certain benefits like discounted airfares on certain occasions. It is thus advisable to ask the airline company if any such discount can be provided. To avail such benefits, you must book the tickets directly from the airlines and not through any third parties.

Boarding Assistance

If a senior traveler requires special for boarding, they can avail the special boarding privilege of priority boarding. This will enable them to board a plane well before the other passengers. They will receive other benefits like assistance in carrying and stowing their baggage. This will enable them to breeze through the hectic boarding process.