Travel Tips – London City Break


London is a great place to take a break and head to for the weekend or even mid-week if you have the time to spare. How do you make the best of your time here? Well, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks from locals to make your time here well-spent.

When planning any trip, the first things to consider before travelling there are hotels, restaurants, and activities that you want to partake in during your stay. London is no different from any other vacation spot like the experience you get from Australia travel. With the combined experience of the sources of this article, we can assure you that you are in safe hands heeding our advice.

Opt For A Stunning Hotel

London is home to some of the most luxurious hotels on the planet so we recommend you to shell out a little extra on accommodation. This will no doubt get you an experience of a lifetime. If opulence is what you are after, then you can go with St Ermin’s Hotel near Victoria or even St Pancras Renaissance in King’s Cross. If you’re the type that wants something that is a little more hip, you can go with ME London or the Dukes in Mayfair. Whatever may your budget be, there is a hotel for you here.

Grab The Weekend Break Bargain

If the prices are way beyond your budget then you can opt to choose a hotel near the business districts to receive great deals starting from Friday onwards as this area is generally quieter during the weekends. You can search for hotels based on this criterion of a business hotel to get the best deal during the weekends.

A Theatre Break

London is famous for its spectacular shows ranging from opera to musicals. To experience this in its fullest, you can make your break all about the theater by opting to go for a hotel and show combo, saving lots in the process. If you decide to go with this then you can stay at the heart of theater town at Covent Garden which is just around the corner from Drury Lane.

Eat at The Finest Restaurants in the Capital

Bookings are getting phased out by the capital’s best restaurants like Padella and Dishoom. These restaurants don’t take any bookings so to get a seat, you’ll have to get their early or wait in a queue. You even have an option to wait out at nearby bars until a table is available. If you are not the early or waiting types then you can try Sarastro. They serve a mediterranean menu along with live music or opera to set the ambiance.

Secret Garden

London is surprisingly full of green patches but finding them is sort of a challenge with most of the good ones hidden out of plain view. Avoid the big ones like Hyde Park and head for something that is quite like St Dunstan park in the eastern part. This used to be the Christopher Wren church that was blown to smithereens during WWII. Since 1970, this has been a public garden and is one of the few quiet places for a picnic in London.