Travel During Holidays – Some Travel Tips You Better Follow!


With over a 100 million travelers up and about during the last winter holiday season, this year might turn out to be just as busy, which means even more craziness all around.

Make arrangements; allow yourself plenty of extra time at the airport or on the road, beware of bad weather… the list goes on. All well meaning travel tips and familiar ground for those who have traveled in Australia during holidays even once. But how about doing something different this time?

We have some holiday travel tips for you that you won’t find anywhere else.

Deal with your stress before it wreaks havoc on your trip. Holiday travel can be really stressful, so it’s better to take steps to prevent it.

The holidays are regrettably a time of altercations and road rage. So, be kind to others, especially airline employees. They can be a lot of help in the event of a problem, and more likely to go out of their way for a well behaved traveler.

Travel can be dangerous. So be careful out there. Study your destination beforehand. Act in accordance with the local culture and abide by the laws of the land. Most important of all, research the route, itinerary, local law enforcement, the emergency numbers (not necessarily 911), hospitals and transportation routes. Find out what common threats you should be aware of.

Multiple reservations with hotels and car rental companies that allow you to do so, often for the same day will go a long way. Travelers can save serious money by exploiting this ability. Hotel rates often vary from day to day, so you might be able to save quite a lot by breaking one long reservation into two or three days. You’ll be able to get the same rooms and the same service at lower rates.

It’s better to stay a while longer as lodging rates fall when everyone goes back home. The best window would be to include a Sunday night stay as the weekend crowd vacates and Sunday nights can be very difficult to fill.

Before you book, do your due diligence on airline tickets and accommodation. Don’t assume that companies will disclose everything at the time they quote rates or fares. On the contrary, companies will likely doctor their initial quotes to make them look attractive, omitting taxes and mandatory fees.

Remember, even if you don’t want to stay with family members, hotels aren’t necessarily the only option. You can avoid the rushed and crowded feel of hotels over the holidays by opting for alternative lodging, say an RV, a camping site or a vacation rental.

Last of all, apply some little common sense. Don’t ever think it’s going to be easy. Everyone else is on the road just before or after the holidays, so if you can avoid traveling, do it. Not only will you get to save a lot, you can always enjoy time with your near and dear during the holidays.

Most of all, you’ll require all the patience in the world – and then some.