Travel Anywhere in the World for a Grand (or less!)

You read that right! Visit any place in the world for $1,000 or less! Not just the cost of reaching there, but the entire vacation. A one to two-week trip anywhere in the world.

We as a whole have been convinced otherwise by decades of marketing by hotels, resorts, airlines, and cruises. We’ve been conditioned so for ages by big brands and companies to believe this notion, and it requires considerable effort to forego that belief.

In spite of all the websites, blogs, apps, and social networks out there, many people still believe that travel can be prohibitively expensive. We’re currently in a golden age of travel, what with cheap flights, the sharing economy, and deals galore. We are witnessing a travel revolution that bypasses the traditional agents of yore — those who kept prices high — and let us travel frugally without sacrificing comfort.

Actually, it’s really easy to travel on a budget these days. A thousand dollars can get you far enough — wherever you want to go. This is opposed to the many ways one can travel cheaply. Thanks to extreme budgeting and traveling hacks, this is more about something traditional.

And no, it’s no longer about choosing a cheap backpacking trip as opposed to comfy resorts. It’s not about doing away with money altogether or keeping expenses down to a few dollars a day. It’s something in the middle, for those who have always wanted to travel but felt like lacking the resources to do so.

A thousand dollars can be a lot of money to many of us, but it’s not an impossible dream at all. It comes down to saving less than $3 a day in a year. Most of us can very well do that.

Where there’s a will…

First, you have to ask yourself earnestly – “How can I achieve the dream of travel?” You have to be confident and say, “Yes, I can — I can make it happen!” Once you start believing, you will find ways to make it possible. Prioritizing travel in your mind helps you dramatically increase your savings.

If it takes you a year to save, it’s better to start right off. Begin by looking at your regular spending and choices you make. There are several practical steps you can take that can bring you closer to your travel goals.

Not everyone can easily set aside a ton of money or even travel for an extended period. With time and dedication, it is achievable. You can always have that new pair of shoes or fancy dinner later — and instead spend more time on the road.

It’s all about planning

Keep in mind that traveling on a limited budget requires planning. Figure out how much you will need in the first place in order to plan the exact amount to save. Breakdown your trip into small manageable steps. Doing so makes it a lot more achievable.

Start off with the step right in front of you. That one thing you can do to make your trip a reality? Then you can think about the next step you must take tomorrow!

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