Top 5 cities to visit in Australia

Top 5 cities to visit in Australia
Australia, the major part of the Oceania continent, is not just famous for kangaroos. It is also known for its vibrant sporting culture. But there is more to this continent as per the travelling experts. Have a look at the top 5 cities to visit in Australia:

Canberra, the bush capital
Australia travel would not be complete without the capital city. The politically charged place is also known for its museums. The cultural treasure trove makes it a paradise for shopaholics with its collection of cool pop up stores. The well-designed city is also home to the National Library and Old Bus Depot Markets.

Art lovers and foodies will have their hands full here. The strikingly beautiful restaurants and cafes in Lonsdale Street are worth a watch. If you are looking for travel tips, then don’t miss the hot air balloon trip. Also, the Floriade spring festival is a delight to attend.

Melbourne, the cultural capital
Travelling across a big country like Australia can be tiresome. That is why you should stay put in Melbourne for a day or two. The large city holds many surprises within its belly. Australia travel geeks seeking the outdoors will be thrilled. The Yarra Valley is only an hour’s drive from here.

The place is also the starting point for the Great Ocean Road trip. You can spend the entire day in the city’s pubs, bars, and museums. And don’t forget to check out the sunset at Philip’s Island. For those seeking travel tips, plan forward and carry dark clothes for the travel.

Adelaide, the city of churches
Australia travel experts speak volumes about Adelaide’s greatness. The coastal city is known for its grand festivals and large museums. Its prime vineyards have also caught global attention. You can escape the busy streets by travelling through the countryside.

A few travel tips for the committed tourists – enjoy the wines in a classic Adelaide pub. Try out the fresh fruits and vegetables in the central market. You will also find smoked meat and tasty cheeses here. Go for a long walk and enjoy the Victorian architecture along with fresh air.

Sydney, the emerald city
If you are travelling in Australia, then Sydney is a must-visit destination. Catch a glimpse of the spectacular Opera House. And do not forget to click some selfies near the Harbour Bridge. The city is also home to some stunning beaches, restaurants, and pubs.

Sign up for the Blue Mountains trip and have a great time exploring nature. Other fantastic adventures include day cruises, kayaking, and bridge climbing. Australia travel is incomplete without the Big Bus tour. For nature lovers, the city offers the Taronga Zoo and the SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Perth, the city of lights
Unlike other cities, this one is on the West Coast of Australia. Travelling connoisseurs point out its isolated nature and serene beauty suitable for solitude lovers. They also praise it as a romantic getaway for couples on their honeymoon. Must see places include the Swan River, sandy beaches, and the Kings Park.

Visitors also speak highly of the sweeping views from Mount Eliza. For those looking for travel tips, catch the midweek flight. Cut down costs by catching the ferry to Fremantle, instead of a train. Other budget traveler tips include staying in a hostel, drinking box wine, and going on long walking tours.