The Most Epic Road Trips in the World


Here is a list of the best road trips in the world. If you’re yearning to hit the open road, look no further. Our list mentioned below comprises of the greatest driving and riding roads of all time.

Cabot Trail, Canada

This 298km stretch of road traverses through the most beautiful part of Nova Scotia. The highlight of this road is the northern section which goes through the

Cape Breton Highlands National Park. This national park is home to moose, bald eagle, and black bears. You can find Scottish and French influence all across this stretch when you visit the small villages along the road.

The Garden Route, South Africa

This is a road that traverses between Mossel Bay and Storms River Mouth. With its lush green views along with vineyards in mountains one side and rocky and sandy beaches on the other, this is a good introduction to South Africa. The best part of this road is at the Storms River Mouth; Take a break and explore the trails here on foot to experience all that this place has to offer.

Columbia River Gorge, United States of America

Head out East from Portland, Oregon along the Interstate-84 to find the beautiful Colombia River Gorge. As this is just a 112 km drive, it can be easily covered in a day. We suggest you to spend a few days to really soak up views of the second longest river in the USA along with the many waterfalls that are present here.

San Juan Skyway, United States of America

Drive past waterfalls and gushing streams when driving on this 380km road located in the San Juan Range, Colorado. You can even find bright flowers in the summer and snowy slopes come winter. Autumn is the best time to traverse this route due to the different colored leaves ranging from yellow to orange and even red setting the landscape ablaze. This is what makes Colorado one of the most beautiful states.

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

If offroading is what gets you excited, then you can offroad to your heart’s content in the Gobi Desert out in the middle of nowhere in Mongolia. Nothingness will stretch out for kilometers in all the direction when you are here. This remoteness comes with a sense of adventure so it is a perfect road trip for adventurers. Eventually when you get bored of the drive, hop on to a camel and spend a few nights at the traditional Ger camps

South Island Circuit, New Zealand

To find the best landscape in all of New Zealand, head to the South Island. Drive around at your own pace to take in all that this enchanting place has to offer. The most stunning part that you must not miss is between Milford Sound anf Te Anau. This area crosses the Fiordland and the Southern Alps.

Tasmanian peninsula, Australia

During Australia Travel, You must make it a point to visit the South Eastern part of Tasmania. Travelling in this terrain you will find rugged costline that leads down to crystal clear waters. Tasman’s arch and Devil’s Kitchen are some of the popular spots to visit in this region.

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