Smart Packing Tips to Travel Light

The significance of traveling light can’t be stressed enough. An experienced traveler will never advise you to go heavy. Good travelers are judged by how light they pack. Heavy travelers are the unhappiest travelers as they are the ones dragging around unnecessary weight throughout their trip.


One Bag, That’s It


A portable bag measuring 9″ × 21″ × 14″ and weighing 20 pounds must be the absolute limit. (It’ll fit in your plane’s overhead compartment). After you experience the benefits of traveling light, you’ll never go heavy.

You’ll need to walk with your luggage way more than you expect to. In case you are not sure what the ideal luggage size and weight for that first trip to Europe, test yourself. Pack up, go into your hometown and pretend to be a tourist for an hour. With the fully loaded luggage, you should be able to enjoy window-shopping and walking around without it slowing you down or causing any fatigue. If you experience any such things slim it down further.

When you keep your bag with you at all times, it is less likely to get stolen, broken or lost. With our recommended bag size, you will be able to keep it with yourself even when you are on a plane. This means no waiting around for the conveyor belt to deliver your bag. You can be well on your way out of the airport to make the most of every second during your vacation. You will also be the first person the dog sniffs when you return home.

In today’s world, you can save money by traveling light. Even though it is free to check-in one bag, checking in two bags may come with additional fees. In Europe, some airlines may charge you for checking in just one bag. This money can be put to better use by traveling light.

All in all traveling light isn’t just about saving time or money – it’s about creating the perfect memory of your vacation without heavy bags getting in your way and ruining it. Carrying around heavy dead weight can be frustrating and can ruin your mood at times, which is contrary to what everyone expects from vacations. With just a single bag you will be mobile and in control of what you want to do.


Packing 101

How do you accommodate everything you would need for the trip in a small bag? The answer is simple: Bring only your needs and not your wants.

Gather everything you need to take and spread it on the floor of your living room. Look at each item and analyze whether you can justify bringing by carefully considering its weight and the size it occupies in your bag. Also, judge them on their versatility. Never pack for the worst-case scenario. Pack for the best-case scenario. It is always better to bring layers rather than a heavy coat as the layers are much more versatile. The world is getting really small as all your toiletries can be obtained in the remotest of places. So don’t go hefty on things you’ll be able to purchase locally.

Whether you’re visiting a new place for two weeks or two months, pack the same. Pack your clothes tight without any air gaps with the help of packing cubes or clothes compressors. You can easily find travel organizers on Amazon.

Go casual, straightforward, and light. Keep in mind that in your travels, you’ll get to meet two kinds of travelers — Ones that pack light and ones that wished they had.

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