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Madrid Spain

Visit Madrid – The city which lives the life

The capital city of Spain and a financial hub for much of Southern Europe, Madrid has enchanting cultural lifestyle that attracts holidaymakers from across the globe. It boasts of artistic history, which spells bound art lovers to visit here again and again. With its beautiful historical architectural heritage of Roman culture, exotic Spanish culinary varieties, friendly people and exciting nightlife, it’s an engaging and fascinating city.

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, with modern amenities and rich artistic heritage, blended together for centuries of history. Madrid caters to everyone, with varied tastes and opens itself to everyone to discover and explore.

What Madrid has in store for you?

·         Art Galleries – Madrid has art galleries, which features regularly in World’s Top Art Galleries like Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum among others. It is recommended to take The Art Walk where you enjoy pleasant walk through amazing gardens and visit historical monuments like Cibeles and Neptuno fountains, the Bank of Spain and Puerta de Alcala.

·         Palaces and Monasteries – Madrid has many ancient Palaces and Monasteries, which were once inhabited by Royal family and noble laureates. The guided tours help you unfold the mysteries behind palaces and other heritage sites.

·         Nature at its best– Apart from rich architectural and cultural heritage, Madrid has 10 protected natural zones like Natural Park of the Summit, Regional Park of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares, and Natural site of national interest of Hyedo de Montejo de la Sierra. These protected areas offer recreational and educational activities like Bird watching, far from the hustle-bustle and fast-paced city life. A must do, if you are a nature lover!

·         Outdoor Activities – If your holiday revolves around getting the adrenaline rush, then Madrid has a lot to offer you with plenty of outdoor activities. Madrid is famous for its nautical sports like canoeing, skiing, sailing, rowing, rafting and windsurfing. The natural forests of Madrid offer activities like hiking & trekking, skiing and cycling.

·         For the food lover in you – A holiday without good food is incomplete and if you want to satisfy your food loving soul, then head to some of the best restaurants of Madrid. Madrid boasts of world’s oldest restaurant, Botin at Habsburg Madrid, known for its traditional roasted pig in wood oven. The restaurants in Madrid have evolved and made the city as the food capital of the Europe. They offer a blend of innovation and creativity in the traditional menu, showcasing infinite variety of food from every corner of Europe.

What we have planned for you?

A detailed itinerary has been developed, with all the amazing activities together to give you memories for lifetime.

·         The Art Walk through the gardens and to the Museums and Exhibition centers, visiting historical monuments and savoring the centuries old rich European heritage

·         Bird watching in Natural parks, listening to the melodious chirping of birds and enjoying lush green forests and varieties of biodiversity

·         Nautical sports like sailing, rowing, canoeing and rafting in the San Juan reservoir

·         Food walk in the old centenary restaurants of Madrid, reliving the past history and moving your taste buds in exotic cuisines from all over Spain.

·         Experiencing Street life of Madrid that perfectly complements the sheer energy of city, binding the very soul of city with music and nightlife.

Book today and open the doors to discover yourself!  Having just returned I can highly recommend a visit to Spain.