Let Insurance Take Care of Health During Travel

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s a good chance most of you will be off to places, be it a drive down to your grandma’s house or a well-deserved break at an international location. Whatever the reason, be it business or pleasure, most of us share a common worry – falling sick! More so during the cold winter and the flu season.

Proper hygiene is the best defense against the common ailments, but there’s just no avoiding a sudden accident or sudden illness. So it would be beneficial to be aware of your health care options and insurance benefits before you step out of your home. You can at least have peace of mind.

1) Out-of-network benefits.

It is easy to find a doctor where you live, but when you’re out of state or in a different country? Some insurance plans do offer access to doctors or medical facilities across the country, while others only offer coverage within a specific region. You can verify whether a doctor’s service comes under your health plan by calling the 800 number on your insurance card or checking your insurer’s website. This can prevent you from visiting doctors and hospitals that are “out-of-coverage” and you being responsible for most or all of the cost of your care.

2) Emergency Medical Care

While away from home, when a health-crisis occurs, we often rush to visit the nearest emergency room. However, this may not be the most time-efficient or cost-effective choice, especially in events where the injury or illness is not severe. Treatment options have increased in recent years, for eg. walk-in urgent care at clinics located inside major retail stores. You are likely to receive quicker attention at these alternatives in the case of a mild illness, or minor injuries. Again you can call up or visit your company’s website for details. It goes without saying that you should head to the nearest emergency room if a true emergency occurs.

3) Telehealth Consultation.

One favorite way of business travelers and parents to consult a doctor is through telehealth. Its services allow you to have a live, two-way video conference with a licensed doctor via your smartphone or computer. Such doctors can provide diagnosis, treatment and even a prescription if needed. Telehealth sessions are quite convenient as well as affordable. Many insurance companies offer LiveHealth Online as a part of their insurance benefits, and you can easily sign up online and pay by credit card.

4) International Travel.

The next time you travel abroad, don’t forget your passport, and also review all your insurance benefits. You may have more benefits than you think. Nowadays you can even get replacements for lost or broken glasses at international destinations and other similar benefits for medical and dental or even prescriptions.

Insurance benefits and services can vary a lot, more so with the destination. Contact your insurance company to gather any necessary details, contact information, and medical records before start out. Happy Holidays!

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