How to apply for a Visa to Australia?

Travelling to Australia requires a visa if you are travelling from any international destination. This can be a long-drawn-out process if you do not know the travel tips for procuring a visaDo the right kind of research and find out the category under which you fall. This will make the visa application process easy and without any hassles.


Identify your specific visa type

The first and foremost tip for Australia travel is knowing about the visa types. There are different types of visas such as work, temporary entry, visitor, business, student, etc., There are also permanent entry, transit, medical treatment, and resident return visas. Check online resources or visit the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Knowing your category will make it easier for getting a visa and travelling in Australia.


The application process for visa

An Australian visa requires you to follow a specific procedure. First, you have to download the application form from the website. Fill the form and pay the fees in any one of the options provided by the department. Later, you should submit the form along with the required documents. Some of the experts’ travel tips include constant tracking of the visa application status. If you are not tech-savvy in processing visa online, you can procure it from the nearest Australian Visa Application Centre. You can pay online or at the centre using a money order, bank cheque or credit card.


Required list of documents

The documents you need for Australia travel are mentioned in the application form. There are no fixed lists of documents as they vary between different individuals and types of visas. For instance, a child on a vacation and a student for an educational visit will have a different list of required documents. Make sure you have all the documents ready for travelling in Australia. Know more about the requirements for the visa including letters of support and invitation, health requirements, and sponsorship details. Security regulations are an important part of the visa application procedure. After submitting the application form and requisite documents, wait patiently. Processing time depends on the sub-category to which you belong. 


Where to apply for a visa to Australia?

If you are planning an Australia travel, there are three ways to apply for a visa. You can apply for a visa via the official government site, Australian Visa Application Centre and Postal Service.  Travelling in Australia without proper documentation is illegal. So, make sure you submit the relevant forms and get the visa, prior to your vacation date. 

Check online resources for more information on Visa Application Centres. You can find them in all the major cities of your country. Do you want travel tips on air tickets? The first tip is to wait for visa approval before you book the air tickets.


Now that the application process is complete, you can look forward to your Australia travel. You can track your application status online via the official government website. You can also check application status using the VLN number and date of birth. You can expect alerts about application status via SMS and email facilities.