Gardens Of London

The Gardens of London – A Floral Bliss

London certainly ensures that every tourist is spoilt for choice when it comes to its tourist hotspots. Major sights like the Buckingham Palace, National Gallery, Tower of London, Big Ben, Tate Modern- the national gallery of modern art are sure to make it to every tourist’s must-visit checklist. However, the true taste of late summer or autumn glory can be experienced in the months of August, September,  and October when the flowers bloom into stunning beauties in blasts of vibrant colours.

Horticultural extravaganza

·         The RHS Chelsea Flower Show or the Great Spring Show spans over five days and is held at Chelsea in London. Perhaps the most popular garden show in the whole of UK, it features many natural as well as avant-garde artistic gardens with floral marquee as the centrepiece. Smaller gardens like the Artisan and Urban Gardens are also a visual treat. Many events other than the welcome stroll among the floral bliss are organized at the Show.

·         The RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show and RHS Wisley Flower Show are top-class garden shows featuring stunning floral displays, fun entertainment stalls and much more – an amazing opportunity to spend the day exploring the painstakingly pruned and decorated gardens at their vibrant best.

·         The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is another one of a kind Show held at the majestic palace of King Henry VIII. Visitors can wander about amid stunning beauty of the flora while also browsing through, buying and picking up some expert horticultural advice from the garden trade stalls and specialist nurseries.

        What have we planned for you?

A comprehensive itinerary has been developed to let you enjoy the exciting, internationally renowned flower power of Chelsea.

·         A trip to the royal botanic Kew Gardens houses a herbarium, museums, libraries, extensive gardens, as well as glasshouses and conservatories shall be arranged. 

·         Trip to the flower shows organised at RHS garden Hyde Hall and RHS Wisley.

·         We shall also organize a tour to the famous Flower District of Chelsea for the ultimate horticultural shopping spree.

Get ready to enjoy the beauty of the glorious, vivid, blooming flora of the unusual as well as fascinating gardens of Chelsea and maybe even let some of the striking plants find themselves a place in your home. You might even see the Queen!!