Destinations Best Enjoyed With Friends and Family


There is no place on Earth that you cannot travel solo. There are however some places that are best enjoyed when you are traveling with companions be it your friends, family or that special someone. If you are the kind of person who likes the freedom of choosing to just lounge around the resort all day with a drink in your hand then, by all means, head out all by yourself.

If you are someone who has always had a life-long dream of visiting a dangerous location then with proper planning you can do so solo. You will need to be prepared for anything and everything while making this journey solo.

The places mentioned in this article are not places that you are not allowed to travel solo but these are places that can offer the most to travelers with companions. If you are thinking about visiting this country and don’t have anyone accompanying you then we advise you to hold out for a while until you do have someone to visit these places with.

Las Vegas, US

Exploring Vegas for the first time can induce a strange feeling if you are a solo traveler. You will be turning up to extravagant parties without knowing anyone. This will mean that you will not just dive into celebration like you would if you were with a group of friends. You will rather take it down a notch and stand back. This will slowly reveal the ridiculousness of the city as you will be left with plenty of time to ponder about all that you see.

You may have been here before with the cliche parties with your closest friends but visiting the sin city alone has an underlying awkward vibe that never goes away. If you are experiencing the city for the first time then we recommend you to do so with your squad to have the best experience. Vegas is a party city and you need to get your own group to make the best of it and have fun.

Cairo Egypt

Cairo is an intimidating place due to the chaos you will find on its crowded streets. Something as simple as a taxi ride can be quite stressful and make you lose your cool. This can bring with it other undesirable consequences especially if you are a solo traveler.

There have been instances where some people have gotten into the taxi to the airport and the driver has no clue where the airport is located. They would have stopped around everywhere to ask for directions delaying you in the process. Enduring everything that comes with international travel without reacting too much and causing a scene is key to having fun. If you are not the kind of person who can keep calm during such situations then it is better for you to take someone along with you to endure such things together.

Papua New Guinea

Located approximately 150 km from mainland Australia towards its northern border, this is a country with a population of more than 7 million people with close to 7000 different cultural groups who speak around 800 different languages. This can be covered along with Australia travel. There are a lot of strange and unique things to see here but things that can go wrong here very quickly so try to get a big group of people to go with you – strength in numbers.