Best Places to Travel to this Christmas

Those setting off on a holiday trip during December get to enjoy the Christmas spirit in a new location through the eyes of a unique culture! There is no shortage of wonderful destinations that Australians can head to experience this Christmas! Interested, but not sure where to go?

Check out these Christmas destinations most suited for Australians, and you’ll be sure to pick the perfect place for you.


Monsoon season in India ends well before the Christmas season, so one need not worry about getting all wet while you’re on holiday. In most parts of the country, the weather is cool enough but not severely so.

India is a big place with a lot of great Christmas destinations of which the best one is Goa, which features several huge Christmas/New Year parties on the beach. These might well make you want to incorporate some Indian elements into your own holiday traditions! You can get a sumptuous traditional Christmas dinner from most of the restaurants without toiling in the kitchen. Once you’re done with all the partying, you can just spread out a towel on the beach and enjoy the sparkling fireworks displays above the water.


The Philippines is perhaps the most Christmas-loving country in the whole of Southeast Asia! For those wanting to celebrate a traditional Christmas, this can be an excellent destination. If you detest a month-long Christmas festivity, you’ve got to experience part of the three-month merriment that they have in the Philippines. You will find many familiar Western elements in its celebrations, but everything comes with an Asian twist.

You should not miss the chance to attend a traditional Christmas mass and definitely try a Philippines style Christmas dinner. Local candies and fruits make the experience that much sweeter.

In respect of weather, the Philippines is nice and mild in December, after the typhoon season. One of the rare times of the year that the weather isn’t hot or wet, making this the perfect time to pay a visit.


Singapore has a vibrant western expat community and has embraced the cultural diversity. You get to experience a modernized Christmas with an Asian flair. Some of the best Christmas activities include shopping at the popular Orchard Road, taking in the magnificent glistening Christmas display, the bizarre yet fabulous combination of fake snow and cold-weather fashion in a tropical climate, along with plenty of Santa impersonators. The New Year’s Eve show on Marina Bay — is incredible and definitely worth taking a trip to.

Sri Lanka

You can find many ways to celebrate Christmas in this island nation, from the semi-traditional to the totally unconventional! You can go whale watching, as their migratory waterway lies right along the coast during this time. You can also sip the local tea, spot elephants or simply soak in the sun at the beach. The best locations in the country to visit during Christmas are in the southern, western, and central regions.

With other awesome holiday destinations like New Zealand, the UK and Thailand close by, it can be quite hard to pick a spot to visit this Christmas! Or turn Christmas holiday trips into a tradition and tick one off every year!

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