Best places to party in Australia

Within a span of two or three years, the continent nation has turned into a  must-visit destination for the sheer number of attractive tour packages being offered. All of which guarantee you the best experience of the outback as well as the ‘Mod Oz’ (cutting edge Australia).

While the customary touring and new-age gastronomy (fuelled by our aggregate fixation on Masterchef Australia) choices are numerous, a more intensive look uncovers that Australia is a remarkably insane party destination. Both the east and west coast are loaded with fun zones, a couple of which are mentioned below.


1. Sydney

It is safe to assume that a world-class city has world-class party choices. Sydney is the place where all-things-bling meets all-gone-insane! On any given day of the week (and weekend), multitudes of individuals head to Kings Cross, which is Sydney’s late-night club road. For the sea-view fanatics, Darling Harbor is the way to go. The bottom line is, regardless of what club or territories you visit, the Sydney vibe will get you going.

 2. Darwin

If you’re a hardcore beer drinker and an obsessive beer lover, then Darwin is where you must head. Mitchell Street is home to a  range of pubs and clubs all of which play good music (live DJs even), excellent company and, of course, plenty of beer! Darwinians blame the weather for their humongous beer consumption patterns – 230litres/person/year. Now you have an excuse to breathe beer when you are in Darwin, not that you required any!

3. Brisbane

Brisbane is the party destination of the luxurious and the fashionable. If you prefer to party in-vogue and socialize in a sun-kissed set, then head to the pubs and chilled wine bars of town. The West End and The Valley areas are you best bet to party when in Brisbane.

 4. Melbourne

Head to Melbourne for a chilled-out party ambiance. Melbourne is the town where the cool kids with the cool drinks hang around. The parties here aren’t as glitzy as Sydney however that by no means indicate that this city is boring or drab. St. Kilda and Fitzroy are one of the best places to sit back, eat,  socialize and drink until your head spins with all that conviviality.

It is vital that your Australia vacation package doesn’t solely embrace a visit to any or all of the cities mentioned above. However if truth be told, you must find time to stay in these cities for a minimum of four days and three nights to live the Australian party experience.