4 Apps That Help You Make Money During Travels

Travel is expensive, period. Many people avoid taking vacation trips mostly due to monetary reasons. Not to worry, if you’re excited to travel but worried about finances, technology has you covered.

Some apps can help you earn money wherever you are. They won’t necessarily fund your whole trip—but while on the road, they can maybe help cover your next meal or drink. From selling photos to extra luggage, here’s how to make some money on the road.

1. Foap

Your travel photos can not only make your friends jealous but also make you some money. This app called Foap will help you sell your photos to big brands—like Garnier, Heineken, Visit Sweden, etc.—for use in their marketing efforts.

You upload images directly from your phone, and when a company buys one, you get $5. You can also sell the same photo to many other buyers, earning $5 each time.

And If your photo’s selected as the winner of a featured “Mission,” -requests by brands for specific photos- you get to earn $100 or more.

2. Airmule

If traveling overseas and you have some extra space in your luggage, you can use it to transport items overseas. You can even carry an extra suitcase filled entirely with a sender’s items.

Using Airmule, you earn 80 percent of the sender’s fees, up to $40 for five pounds, and $6 per additional pound. You stand to earn more if you have to pick up the package yourself or even if your departure’s within 48 hours.

Now, it’s only applicable on routes between the U.S. or U.K and China—but the company plans to widen its offerings as demand for its service grows.

3. Field Agent

Interested in exploring new surroundings? FieldAgent could be your friend in the journey. Available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and Romania, the app connects you with companies that require on-the-ground market research.

The app makes use of geolocation to find tasks near you and will pay between $2 and $12 for simple tasks like checking prices or displays in stores. (You get paid via PayPal in the currency of the particular country.) If you can find enough tasks within your area, you might be making money at a decent rate.

4. Swagbucks Watch (TV)

Traveling involves a lot of waiting, and instead of whiling away your time, why not use it to earn some extra money? Swagbucks Watch (TV), lets you earn “SB” points for watching movie trailers or other short videos in several categories.

You bag 2 SB for every six videos you watch. Typically active users earn 50 to 100 SB per day, and once you’ve racked up enough, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash.

Even though the points add up very slowly, it’s time well spent earning while waiting at the airport or hanging out at your hotel.

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