Ningaloo Reef & Exmouth

The Ningaloo Reef can be accessed just footsteps from the beach – something very few coral reefs offer. Enjoy the clearest turquoise water imaginable in the Ningaloo Reef Lagoon and pristine coral gardens at the do-it-yourself snorkeling sites of Exmouth’s Cape Range National Park or Coral Bay where you will swim with hundreds of colourful tropical reef fish species.

From March to August the Ningaloo Reef plays host to the world’s largest aggregation of the world’s biggest fish; the majestic whale shark tours to swim with whale sharks are available out of both Exmouth and Coral Bay, as well as many other eco-adventure tours to view a huge variety of marine wildlife including sea turtles, humpback whales, orcas (killer whales) dugong, manta rays, reef sharks and much more!

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