Cambodia & Vietnam Highlights

An expedition to South-East Asia

Destinations which have so much to offer that one wants to come again and again!

Cambodia and Vietnam in South-east Asia offer an unforgettable family experience. They are unchartered territories for tourists and activities range from a pony ride, to visiting vast spaces uninhabited by man, and from amusement parks to visiting museums. It is a destination that can enthrall young to old!

Whether one is adventurous, shopaholic or a geek, South East Asia leaves everyone’s hunger for travel completely satiated.

For Shopaholics

i) Ho Chi Minh City has long been synonymous with lacquer ware because it’s considered to be unarguably the best in the world.  Check out the lovely pieces of jewellery, local handicrafts, amber, furniture, antiques, silk and apparel to delight your shopaholic soul.

ii) Siem Reap offers a wide bouquet of items to choose from. It ranges from pretty feminine cotton frocks, stylish clothing, world famous artificial jewelry, original art, lacquer ware, colorful elephants and sculpted Buddha images and beautiful scarves.

For Nature Lovers

i) An old fashioned elephant ride in the land not inhabitated by the humans

ii) Riding a horse in the country side!

iii) Beautiful jungles while visiting Angkora.

Food to binge on

i) Ho Chi Minh City offers seafood, cheap chilled beer and a locally made coffee as a local cuisine. Added to this, there are plenty of drinks available on streets. It is said that one should leave their houses without drinking water as there are plenty of drinks available to quench thirst. Some of the popular drinks include coconut juice, sugarcane juice, smoothies of all kinds, and Nuoc Sam or herbal tea. Stir up your taste buds and satiate your thirst!

ii) Siem Reaps’ local cuisine is most interesting amongst all the Asian countries.  It offers big black spiders served on a platter with butter and garlic! It is a lifetime experience even though you might be feeling a little weird while reading this! Believe us, it’s worth tasting!


For Geeks

i) Angkora offers temples, monasteries and buildings which have not been overwhelmed by the jungle. It’s an exhilarating travel of a rich cultural past. It’s not only for the intelligentsia but the normal people as well. The Kurukshetra war, Good v/s evil war, are some of the thousands of artifacts available on display to the public.

ii) The three museums, Hi Chi Minh, Revolutionary and Vietnam History Museum in Vietnam keep one aware of the rich cultural heritage of the land.

City Person

i) The co-existence of modern sky scrapers with hawkers selling clothes and food is a sight like no other. The marriage of modernity and traditional Vietnamese ethos leaves one completely overwhelmed.

ii) And to think one has not mentioned the ultra uber-night life of Siem Reap relished by the tourists is worth-experiencing.

Adventure is fun!

i) And to top it all, the three amusement parks Dam Sen, Suoi Tien and Dai Nam make a family trip truly unforgettable. Catch the glimpses of exotic animals in the zoos, enjoy the picturesque sceneries, have fun with your loved ones by splashing water on each other in water games or perhaps get the adrenaline rush on the giant wheel, these amusement parks will leave you asking for more.

ii) The activities range from elephant rides, conventional dancing and horse riding. It’s noteworthy to mention the boating experience the city offers. Millions of people throng the city for boating competition and the wild nightly fireworks in the month of October.

What has been planned for you?

The itinerary has been developed by keeping in mind all the must-see attractions of South East. It’s our endeavor to ensure we have everything for everyone!

·         Shopping

We explore the best shopping places in south east asia. We ensure that we take you to all the places. Our experts will guide you to the oldest shops to collect souvenirs for family and friends.

  • The must do – Visiting Elephant Terrace

We explore the museums on foot and if desired from a locally arranged pickup truck. Our experts will guide you of the rich cultural heritage and nudge you through the elephants.

  • Get the Thrills

Go Boating – enjoy the wonders of the sea world. For the less adventurous, just sit back, relax and enjoy the pristine environment in a thatched hut.

  • Visit Angkor Wat

This is a walking tour to explore the wonders of flora and fauna of the most ancient temple of South-East Asia.


Get ready to explore the wild country side and rich cultural heritage, get ready for South-East Asia…Book Today!