Tips on how to pack light for a trip


When it comes to packing for holidays, most of us find ourselves dreading the airport weigh-in or over-loading the car. So if you are planning on skipping off on your next adventure with just a backpack, then ‘Be Prepared’ should be your motto!
Thanks to modern storage solutions, ever evolving tech and a bit of insight, it’s definitely possible to travel light. Check out our favorite tips for traveling intelligently.

Make a list and edit it down!

Prepare a list of all that you’ll need. Plan for every scenario and then it’s time to be realistic about what you’ll end up really needing.

Choosing lightweight luggage

Though it might seem obvious, how can you ever pack light if using that trusted (yet chunky) bag you’ve been lugging around… for like forever?
This can be important, especially if you’re out backpacking. There is a wide range of lightweight backpacks to suit every whim and fancy. When it comes to your average (short/weekend) holiday, a lightweight bag is a good investment. You may recoup the cost from saving on excess baggage charges alone!
It’s recommended to go in for a lightweight case/pack on four or two wheels. Most modern designs also include outer pockets that are handy for storing essentials. Go for an adequate sized bag that can fit easily into airline cabin lockers.

Versatile fashion favorites
The classic pair of a white t-shirt and jeans is suitable for pretty much every occasion. Also neutral colors are easy to pair off with each other as are bright t-shirts and accessories.
Another super great versatile option is a lightweight blazer. It can be of use not only when the temperature drops, but also opens up a world of smart-casual opportunities.
A last-minute ticket to a classical concert, the chance to dine in a posh restaurant, attend mass at a church or even crash a wedding! All these might be less appealing or even impossible without this smart item in your holiday wardrobe.

Packing neatly
Though it’s convenient to just chuck everything handy into your bag at the last moment, more often than not you may forget some essentials. Plus you won’t fit as much in as if you had spent a little time in folding and rolling.
In this scenario, ‘packing cubes’ can save you lots on space and time. The time you’ll save on searching for your swim shorts will translate to more hours soaking up the sun on the beach.
You need to group your stuff in different ‘cubes’ or bags. Suitably different sizes are available for clothes and even mini versions for stocking smaller items like gadgets and chargers. Once you’ve decided on the categories – clothing vs underwear vs accessories – you also need to pack them up neatly.
This not only makes it easy to find again, and has the added benefit of keeping dirty linen separate from all the holiday presents you take on your way home. More reason for your family and friends to thank you!

Just make sure that you have everything you need with you in the event of an emergency, be it of the health, weather or fashion kind!