Tasmania Travel Tips – The Road Trip Heaven of Australia

It is sad to see that the great Australian road trip is dying. Gone are the days when families used to load up vehicles to their limit and head out onto the open road for days on end to reach faraway places. This is exactly the sort of thing that would make or break family ties.

This family ritual that was known to strengthen the bonds of family members is quickly fading away due to cheap and competitive airfares. Our time-poor world is not helping either as making plans for a long road trip while keeping in mind the schedule of all family members is close to impossible.

If by some miracle if you do manage to get everything planned out and head out on a road trip then all that you will find are big, wide, flat and open stretches of roads for thousands of kilometers. When you pull up for a break on such roads, all that you find are fast food multiplexes. This is not something that makes a memorable road trip.

The fun of road trip is getting bounced around in the back of a car that is packed to or above its recommended limit on uneven roads along with the occasional sibling disputes. Skipping through all the local radio stations and taking in all the views through the window, there is no comparison between this and taking a plane and watching a movie throughout the journey.

One way you can make road trips more interesting is by choosing to go on roads that are far less traversed and scenic but they can come with their own risks.

One such road that meets all of these criteria is the road in Tasmania connecting Hobart and Launceston via the East Coast. When you stand back and think about it, Tasmania has it all and is the perfect road trip location. Those boring and charmless motorways are far and few and the size of the island is perfect. What you have instead is the perfect combination of everything that makes the perfect road trip – forests, rivers, mountains, beaches, lookouts, and touristy spots. All of these are interconnected by twisty roads and tracks that have a unique charm about them just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

The main road that leads from Hobart to Launy is relatively straight and well-surfaced. Where it does get more interesting is when you pass Triabunna. The roads will quickly become less crowded and you will start to find a more beautiful coastline along the road.

One thing that you will find in plenty during Australia Travel is the idyllic Australian landscape of rolling green pasture hills which make way for secluded white sandy beaches. Tasmania is completely different. As you traverse this country kilometer by kilometer there are varied landscapes to appreciate. The carriageway draws a line between the farmlands on one side with the beaches on the other side. This will give you the chance to find a good spot to relax on the beach while traveling.