Some Amazing Books That I Have Read

It is said that reading is the common trait that every wise and learned man possesses. So, anyone who wishes to be any of these two needs to keep reading books to gain perspicacity of the world around him and beyond.

Since childhood, I have grown up with an innate love for all kinds of books, especially travelogues, biographies, novels and self-help ones. While my life has changed significantly, this is the only thing that has remained constant for me. Every year I try to read books, and sometimes reread them. I have some perennial favourites, which I browse now and then, and grow this list by reading new books.

So here are some of the books, some old and some new, that I have read this year and have had a great time reading them.

•    Once upon a time by Marina Warner

The author calls this a short history of the fairy tale. A fairy tale is something that has been a favourite for generations, across countries for centuries now. This book covers every element of a fairy tale in it, including Magic, pretty princesses, monsters, elves, mirrors, Magic Keys and a storyteller. It is a must read for anyone who wants to rediscover the child within themselves.


•    Cockpit Confidential by Patrick Smith

How many times have you wished that you could sit next to the pilots and see how they fly the plane? I think about it all the time. This book reveals a lot about flying and demystifies what happens inside a cockpit. It also gives everyone a glimpse of what a pilot’s life is like. So whether you love flying, or are afraid of it, this book is a must read for you. It will probably do you good by allaying a lot of your fears and can make you comfortable the next time around when you think of flying.


•    The alchemist by Paolo Coelho

I had read this book many years back and really loved it. So this year, I thought of delivering the sheer magic of the book by reading it again. I am sure that most of you would have read this book since it’s one of the best books by the author. If you haven’t, set out on the journey with the shepherd boy while he travels from Spain to Egypt guided by a dream that asked him to set out on this magical safari. The book will tell you the meaning of life and inspire you to live a better life. It is a must read for everyone.


•    A good girl’s guide to getting lost by Rachel Friedman

This is a growing up story of a girl, Rachel who had a protected childhood and wanted to get out of it to spend some time in Ireland by herself. In the process, she meets an Australian girl who changes her outlook on life and inspires her to visit Australia and South America. This entire experience changes Rachel’s life and helps her develop into a complete person.

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