Reduce Travel Stress By Planning Less – Travel Tips


Seasoned travelers always have just one advice for travel stress – plan less and be spontaneous. This may seem counterintuitive at first for those that are not that experienced in this regard. Most people believe that if everything is planned out well ahead in advance, it is much less stressful. However, this is not the case in most situations.

Here is an illustration of what we mean. When planning a holiday, your expectations far exceed reality. You Imagine yourself sitting on an isolated beach with white sand with a cool breeze passing over your hair and a piña colada in your hand. You slowly unwind with the calming sound of the waves and are left thinking that this is the life and you could get used to this.

On the other hand, in reality, the situation may be completely different. The solace of the beach is often ruined by the crowds gathered during the vacation season. People blasting loud music that you hate with adolescents screaming around ruining everything you imagined and expected to find when you made all the reservations.

More often than not, your expectations far exceed the reality on the ground so instead of booking your accommodation and other basic essential for the complete duration of your vacation, just book them for the first few days. This will allow you to be spontaneous and explore better alternatives once you’re there. This may seem like an impossible thing to do if you are traveling with your family but if you do, you can reduce the stress associated with the travel significantly by having the flexibility to be spontaneous. Even if you are not able to leave a good chunk of the vacation unplanned, just leave a few days open to do what you may want to do when you are there.

Planning Less Doesn’t Mean Chaos

Travel is full of uncertainties, so you never know when you might want that extra freedom to do something other than what you had planned weeks or months in advance. Making the reservations months in advance without physically being there will not provide the complete picture to make an informed decision. By not planning it all from your couch back at home, you will have some wiggle room to make changes and go with the flow. Planning just a few days in advance will provide opportunities that are lost by doing so months in advance.

Have Some Flexibility

We are by no means telling you that this is the ideal solution to follow. It does come with own flaws as well but is relatively rare and the most importantly this will ensure that the travel-related stress is kept at the minimum allowing you to make the most of your vacation during Australia travel. With the availability of the number of tourists across all major travel destination, you can generally find what you are looking for once you are there. If you have decided to go somewhere during the peak season, then we recommend you to make bookings for the initial few days so that there is no confusion as soon as you reach your final destination.