Popular dishes to try while travelling around Australia

Australia is truly an amazing and unique destination, and, indeed, the cuisine is always a part of the culture in Australia. Are you looking for travel tips to enjoy Australia when you visit? Most of Australia travel blogs leave out the importance of cuisine. Here are the top dishes that you should try during your visit to Australia.


If you are not a vegetable lover, this is one of the travel tips that are not right for you. Vegemite is a paste of various local vegetables flavored with spices and extracts of yeast. It is similar to marmite and often served with toast, avocado, or slices of tomato. If you are travelling through the deeper parts of Australia, this is one of the staple items you will find on the menu.

Fairy bread

No, we are not recommending you to try cupcakes during your Australia travel. Fairy bread is a distant version of cupcakes. It is a white bread filled with creamy butter and topped with sprinkles. If you are travelling with kids, you might want to fill your bag with fairy bread as they are good bribe items to keep your kids in line.

Meat pies

If you have read a lot of travel tips for Australia, you would know that the land is famous for meat pies. It is not your American styled fruit-filled pie. Pies are a snack but, filled with savory filling like meat gravy, mushroom, onions, cheese, and others. Australia travel includes a lot of outdoor activities, and you would need high protein food to keep you going. These pies are the best dish to replenish you.

Coconut biscuits

This dish has a small history behind its origin. When Australia was fighting WWII, the wives of soldiers sent coconut biscuits to them, which were easy to make and would stay good for a long time. These are today, a delicacy to try with a cup of coffee or any beverage of your choice. Travelling around the streets of Australia will help you find these biscuits in various styles. However, the most common one is the coconut and oat biscuit flavored with syrup.

Chicken Parmigiana

One of the top travel tips for Australian visitors is to try their nightlife. Hit a pub or club and enjoy the night. While doing so, try to taste their chicken parmigiana. It is a very famous pub food that many pubs even have parma night where you can find the dish at a discount throughout the night. It is a chicken dish cooked in bread crumbs and garnished with an ample amount of tomato sauce and cheese.

Fish and chips

This dish is not an exotic item. Those who take up Australia travel sometimes miss this because; it is something you would get around the world. But, you would be gravely mistaken. Travelling through Australia isn’t enough. You should know what they have better than the rest of the world, and this dish is one of them. The Australian version of Fish and Chips is a delicacy. You can find various versions of the dish served with a rich and flavor gravy.
Remember that your health is as important as your exploration of taste. Stick with decent hotels and drink only bottled water. Getting sick during your stay can devastate your mood.