New Zealand Travels


Besides its diverse and stunning natural beauty, New Zealand is also famous for boasting some of the world’s finest culinary treats and most savory wines. As a matter of fact, a great number of Foodies and Oenophiles consider New Zealand as their ultimate slice of heaven on earth. Situated on the southwestern Pacific Ocean, this scenic country gets a steady supply of the freshest seafood on the planet. Furthermore, it has a rich soil that has been driving force of their agricultural and farming sector.


Come with me, as we take you to a gastronomic journey from the most talked about Pacific Rim cuisine to the long stretch of wine vineyards all throughout the country. We can squeeze in some side tours as the cherry on top of our delightful NZ tour. In this vibrant country spoilt by the bounty of both sea and land, one would probably need a bigger size of pants.


There are a lot of things to do in our tour. Here are some of the main points of our New Zealand Tour:


The Traditional Hangi Cooking Method


Take a bite of New Zealand’s food culture by experiencing a Hangi feast. Hangi is a traditional way of cooking food that was introduced by the Maori natives. It uses heated rocks and wet sacks to slowly cook wrapped meat and vegetables in an underground pit oven. Experience the Maori culture and delight yourself in a Hangi feast by visiting Tamaki Maori Village in Rotorua. For me, tourists couldn’t say they’ve been to New Zealand without trying this exquisite food fare.


The Modern Pacific Rim Cuisine


The Modern Pacific Rim cuisine is a mouthwatering medley of fresh local produce from the freshest mussels to the juiciest, best-tasting roast lamb. Kiwis love to jazz their food with unusual twists but equally appetizing and pleasing to the palate. They like infusing herbs and spices to add flavor to their contemporary dish. Their cuisine is a playful fusion of British, Asian and Maori flavors. Having the best of both worlds, New Zealand’s dynamic food scene is easily one of the highlights of any traveler’s itinerary.


More than a Wine Tasting Adventure


New Zealand has a long stretch of vineyards reputed as the best wine-producers in the world. It is believed that Kiwis owe their high-quality wines to their climate which lengthens the ripening period. This accounts for their wines to age gracefully.


Taste your way to the classic wine trails from Hawke’s bay in the North to Marlborough in the South. These wineries don’t only have the best tasting wine, but they also produce the finest cheese. In between stops, you may indulge your sights on magnificent nature views and sceneries that would have you snapping photos like a mad photographer. The focal point of this journey is food and wine but as we follow the trail, it is inevitable to be mildly curious about some of the provincial towns that we’d pass by. They all have something unique to offer any traveler including a museum in Blenheim that holds a private collection of aircrafts used during the war, an art deco masterpiece in Napier and yes, even a brewery in the Mangatainoka village.


The Bustling North Island


The Bay of Islands is a playground for beach lovers and water athletes. Here , you may swim with the dolphins, sail a yacht, go on a boat cruise, forest hikes, helicopter tours or simply lay your towel on the beach as the soothing sound of the waves melt your worldly worries away. After enjoying beach and sand, let us go back in time and visit Waitangi Treaty Grounds, which is one of New Zealand’s most significant historic sites.


There are a lot of things to do and enjoy in the Hamilton-Waikato region. For one, the Hobbit-sized village and the lush greeneries that you see in the Lord of the Rings movie was filmed here. The Waitomo Cave is also a must-see attraction, as it is also home to light-emitting glow worms, which give the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites a stunning glow. It is indeed a sight and beauty to behold!


Southside Adventure at Queenstown


Known as the Adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown offers a wide range of activities. For those who fancy a mid-air adventure, bungy jumping, swinging and flying fox are all available. If water adventure is more of your thing, you can do whitewater rafting, river surfing and canyon swinging. But if that is not thrilling enough for you, try doing some skydiving, paragliding and hang gliding.


To balance out all the adventure and to cap off a delightful tour, get pampered at a day spa or a local salon. Queenstown is teeming with world-class relaxation facilities to dissipate any residual aches to a poof, so you can better tackle the usual hustle and bustle from the life you left back home.