Experiencing Nature In Singapore

Singapore – the city-nation undoubtedly the most developed, urbanized country in Asia, and arguably – also in the world! Even a week-long stay might not be enough to discover this unique cityscape fully. Despite its considerable modern urban reputation, there are enough options and variety for nature lovers to experience mother Earth at its finest.

The Cloud Forest

A twist on the urban phrase – concrete jungles, you get to experience real jungles built on concrete in Singapore! An amazing new concept with planted walls and artificial waterfalls – something completely surreal! Enjoy the magnificent view of the Marina Bay Sands while walking around the mysterious world built by man. Learn about rare plants, snap some great vacation keepsakes, visit the world’s tallest indoor waterfall!

TIP: Allow for spending at least 60-90 minutes of your spare time, and definitely bring a jacket along, as it can get quite chilly inside the conservation area.

Wonderful Light and Water Shows

The splendid SuperTree Grove Light Show will make you feel like you have stepped in some kind of fairy tale. Held in Gardens by the Bay every evening, the Garden Rhapsody is a show very much like an outer space opera from far far away. Futuristic looking trees and mushrooms are lighted up in sync with the music.

The Wonder Full Light and Water Show is an amazingly choreographed show of singing fountains and light projections on the water. All details perfectly combine to create a fantastic experience of wonder and stimulate your mind! It’s highly recommended to attend the show even if you are visiting Singapore for the umpteenth time, as they update the program regularly. The end result always remains the same – spectacular!

And to top it, all such outdoor shows in Singapore are free(!).

Singapore Zoo

You get to see giant crocodiles, otters, pygmy hippos, lions, rhinoceroses, orangutans, zebras and many many other animals up and close. In addition to the classic Zoo tour package, you have several other options.

The Jurong Birds Park is host to some of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world – approximately 400 species and 5,000 birds.

You get to see over 1,000 animals in their natural habitats in the Night Safari.

The River Safari lets you experience within easy reach – one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater fauna, more than 6,000 species including 40 endangered.

It’s highly recommended to visit the zoo if traveling with kids, or if you have enough time to spare after taking in rest of the city. You can opt for all the packages or choose the ones that interest you more.

TIP: There is no point in taking a train inside the Zoo unless you have kids along. You have to brave long winding queues, for distances not that long!

Singapore Botanic gardens

The botanical garden in Singapore is so captivating and large in scale that you can lose your way wandering its myriad pathways. Tranquil, fresh and orderly with an occasional huge water monitor lizard to startle you.

In addition to nature’s bounty mentioned above, you can also choose to spend your time in more traditional vacationer pastimes – namely shopping and indulging in a vast variety of exquisite cuisine!