A wonder called…Borneo


A destination with so much to offer, you’d want to come back again n again!


The largest Island of Asia, Borneo has all the key ingredients to make your holiday worth remembering for a lifetime. From lush green forests to mountainous terrain and from captivating beaches to idyllic villages, a trip to Borneo is for every traveler!

Whether you are an adventurous soul or someone who likes to relax by the sea; or someone who likes to capture the glimpses of exotic animals, Borneo will leave you delighted to the core with its diversity.

For the Nature Lovers

Borneo’s 130 million years old rainforest plays host to a wide variety of flora and fauna, apart from being the natural habitat for the endangered Bornean Orangutan. The rich biodiversity has put Borneo on the world map along with its African counterparts.

Orangutans are the most eminent species and can be sighted either on a trek in the jungles or a visit to the rehabilitation centre. A special mention to the excitement and squeal generated by the little ones of your family on seeing these endearing yet endangered species!

Though Orangutans at Sepilok are the star attraction, Borneo is also a refuge to the Pygmy Elephants, Clouded Leopards & Sumantran Rhinos at Kinatatangan as well as the endangered Green and Hawsksbill Turtles at the Turtle Island.

With its impenetrable jungles and rare species, Borneo has also earned itself a title of ‘mini Amazon’.

Beach is your Calling!

A tropical paradise with unspoiled white sandy beaches, Borneo offers the adrenaline junkies a variety of water activities to choose from. The magical islands around Tunku Abdul Rahman Island are perfect for Snorkeling and Scuba diving, with the abundant sea life making it a spectacular holiday. If not adventurous, just sit back and relax on the beach, splash around the water and soak in the beauty of this exotic island.

A visit to Turtle Islands is highly recommended to witness first hand baby turtles hatching!

The Rich Heritage

For those looking for a less stressful vacation, mystical Borneo is a treasure trove of natural & cultural delights. The Borneo tribes treat the rainforest with reverence and maintain a strong spiritual link.

Explore one of the many water Villages, learn about the ways of life of the local tribe and be teleported back to the ancient and magical Borneo.

A day well spent enjoying the famous Borneo hospitality!

City Person

The capital Kota Kinabalu, full of hustle bustle, acts as a gateway to the splendor offered by Borneo. However, the city in itself breathes life and character. With colonial buildings, lively waterfront and an enviable culture, a couple of days in the city are a must. Owning to its multi regional influences, Borneo is also a foodie paradise. From fancy restaurants to street food, the choices available are endless!

The proximity to the islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park makes this city a convenient base for travelers.

 Ah…Mountains are what give you a kick

The towering Mount Kinabalu offers a lot of opportunities for scenic walks and treks. Home to thousands of varieties of Flora fauna, the mountains are an explorer’s delight. Adventure seekers can climb the summit of Mount Kinabalu, bathe in the mineral rich Poring Hot Water Springs, undertake treks to the Langanan & Kipungit Waterfalls and explore the surrounding tropical rainforest.

What have we planned for you?

Out itinerary has been developed keeping all the attractions of Borneo in mind. We also ensure there is something for everyone!


The must do – Visiting the Orangutans

We explore the rainforest from the river in a boat, enjoy the captivating jungles and look for Orangutans. Our experts will take you as close to the Orangutan nests as possible

 Explore a Local Village

Enjoy the hospitality of a local village; soak in the traditions and simplicity of life by exploring the local village and savoring the culture first hand.

 Get the Thrills

Go Snorkeling – enjoy the wonders of the sea world. For the less adventurous, just sit back, relax and enjoy the pristine beaches and peace of Borneo

Visit Mount Kinabalu

This is a walking tour to explore the wonders presented at the base of the mountains. Be prepared to be amazed by the splendors of the flora around


Get off the beaten track, get ready to explore the wild side as well as immaculate beauty of life, get ready for Borneo…Book Today!