Australia – What Makes It Unique

Australia is a land like no other. The wildlife here is entirely different from anything around the globe. Many fly across the world to witness the Outback. It is only when you step foot on this continent that you will be able to contemplate how unique it truly is.


Mentioned below are some of the unique things you can experience on your next trip to Australia.


Kangaroos, Koalas, and Tasmanian Devil

Kangaroos are unique animals native to Australia. They are adorable creatures with their baby pouches. Kangaroos are also the unofficial symbol of Australia as they appear as an emblem on the Australian coat of arms.


The term Koala is derived from an Aboriginal word. It translates to “no drink.” Koalas don’t need to drink any water. They can get their fluids by feeding on the eucalyptus leaves. Despite the common belief, Koalas are not actually bears.


The Tasmanian Devils are cheeky little creatures that sometimes raid farms and make off with hens. These are well built fierce looking creatures with white bars across their body.



Boomerangs are not just found in Australia Travel but are very common here. This is an indigenous weapon that was used to hunt kangaroos and emus during the Stone Age. Boomerangs are extremely versatile as they can be used to hunt, create percussive music, fire-starters, waterfowl hunting decoys and even as play toys. These days the decorative boomerangs that are sold to tourists are generally engraved with aboriginal art.

In the present day, Boomerangs don’t really serve any practical purpose. They are just souvenirs for tourists.


Billabongs and waterfalls

Australia is blessed with thousands of stunning waterfalls and serene billabongs. A Billabong is formed when a stagnant lake is attached to a waterway. “Billa” is the term for an Indigenous Australian river, while “bong” means dead. The literal translation, ‘Dead River’ may not sound that enthralling but billabongs are anything but dead. As you cruise along the serene billabongs of Australia, you can witness the serenity of nature with the chirping of birds and the abundance of wildlife.

Waterfalls in Australia are as abundant as Fat people in America; they’re all over the place! (No offense!) Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park is rated as the best waterfall in Australia.


The Barbie (BBQ)

Aussies have always simplified everything with slangs. They call the traditional barbecue ‘the Barbie’ (not the doll). The Aussie Barbie is the typically laid-back barbecue to enjoy the great outdoors. It is a social event with grilled meat and endless flow of beer.

Aussies along with Argentineans and Kiwis experience summer during Christmas. They make the most of it by celebrating it on the beaches with A Barbie and some refreshing drinks.

If you are fed up of the winter, Head down to Sydney’s Bondi Beach over the Christmas season. Without a doubt, you’ll find loads of Aussies with smoking Barbies, enjoying a steak or two with an endless flow of chilled beer.

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