When it comes to a budget vacation in Australia, you cannot expect scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef or an Uluru sunset romantic dinner with champagne and so on. Australia is a diverse region and you can always find a lot of things to do on a cheaper budget. Are you planning to visit Australia on a tighter budget? Here is everything you need to know.

How to travel to Australia?

When it comes to travel tips for a budget vacation, the first element is getting around the region. The best option is a car but, the cost of fuel is high. If you are planning for budget travelling, you can save up to 8 cents per liter by filling gas on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If you are looking to combine accommodation and travel, you can hire campervans or caravans.

Budget accommodation

There are numerous places for camping in Australia. Australia travel experience is lovelier with camping closer to nature. You can find caravan parks and camping sites in almost all parts of the region. If you are looking for a room stay, the top travel tips would include staying in hostel, dorms and budget hotels.

Budget eating

The best way to enjoy travelling in an alien country is to enjoy their cuisine. You can find many supermarkets that sell packaged food. These are cheaper and you get to enjoy the local cuisine. Those who make a lot of Australia travel advice to choose takeaway places as they are cheaper than a regular restaurant.

If you are planning to get wasted, alcohol would kill your budget if you choose pubs or any clubs. If you want to enjoy drunk during your Australia travel, we recommend you to choose liquor shops or supermarket wines.

Budget tourist attractions

Travel tips for budget vacation are not just about cutting cost in accommodation, travel, and food. How you entertain yourself during travelling also matters a lot. Here are the top Australia travel activities to enjoy in a budget.


  1. Visiting parks, botanical gardens, national parks, and others.
  2. Travelling and picnicking on the beaches would not cost a lot. Take coast walk, enjoy sunbathing, trek up to lighthouses and enjoy a bonfire at night.
  3. If you are looking for shopping, choose to visit city markets rather than malls. You can find exclusive souvenirs at a cheaper price tag.
  4. Museums and galleries are mostly free or come at a small price. Choose to explore the culture of the land for sightseeing.
  5. Take part in local celebrations and festivals. This would make your vacation more colorful without spending much.
  6. Go on a group tour for sightseeing and walking tours. This would reduce the cost per head for a lot of activities and attractions.


These travel tips are just an introduction to options available to cost expenses for a reasonable vacation. You can get creative with how to spend less on the internet by pre-downloading maps at restaurants with free internet, choosing to opt for house-sitting to save considerable money on accommodation and so on. Australia is a land with numerous options for all kinds of travelers and explorers.