4 Veterinarian Suggested Travel Tips For Travelling With Pets

There is no going around the fact that planning a trip is a stressful affair. When you add the family pet to the equation it will take it to a whole new level of complexity. There are a lot more things to consider and worry about when you decide to take your pet along with you on your trip. From packing the required equipment, checking the pet policy of all the hotels that you have booked for accommodation and checking the travel criteria of the state and the country if your pet is allowed, there are a lot of new things to consider. If you have all this handled then traveling with your pet is one of the best experiences for everyone involved. Here are some things that you must keep in mind when travelling with your pet,


Keep Your Pets Comfortable in a Travel Crate

When you think about long journeys like Australia Travel, most people may think that giving your pet space to move around and stretch their legs is the better option for your pets. However, placing them a confined space is the better option according to experts. This is better because, for those pets that are crate trained, they will consider the crate their area of security. Along with their sense of comfort, it is a much safer place for them as well. They are way more protected in a durable crate as opposed to sliding around on the back seat of the car without being tethered.


Don’t Fill Their Crate With Toys

Giving your pets lots of toys is a good option when they are home and have a lot of room to play with them. When they are in their crate in a moving car, space is a bit limited so if you stuff what little space they have with toys then they will not be comfortable. They will find it very hard to move around and find a comfortable position to rest in their crate. So in this case, less is definitely more.


Keep Your Paperwork In Order

When planning a trip with your pet, make sure that you have all the important paperwork ready and updated. It is always a good idea to check with the local authorities regarding all the required paperwork for the duration of your trip. Most places will require a Vet-signed health certificate that is up to date. The Vets will first examine your pet to ensure that they are healthy, up to date on all vaccinations that are mandatory by the place of travel before signing their health certificate. In case you are travelling by air then you will have to check with the airline if they have any other kind of paperwork that is required to enable you to take them on out on the trip.


Keep Them Hydrated

Pets are known to get dehydrated easily during travel so it is essential to provide them access to clean drinking water as often as possible. This must always be kept in mind and when you are packing water for yourself, remember to pack a little extra for your furry four legged companion. Another way you can ensure that they are adequately hydrated is by feeding them wet food over dry ones. This will ensure that they get hydrated through their food as well.