4 Tips To Maintain Peace When Travelling Together

When you plan to go away on vacation with a large group of people or even as a couple there will certainly be some great times but inevitably due to stress sometimes things may get out of hand and conflicts may arise among the members of the travel group. With the help of a number of conflict coaches, group tour guides and therapists we have come up with a few travel tips that can help in the navigation of social dynamics when travelling in a group.


Mapping out expectations ahead of time

Before you think about anything else, think about the ‘why’ and then go from there. When planning a trip, meet up with fellow travelers to get to the details of the trip. Over dinner or when everyone is relaxed, just have a fun conversation over the ‘why’ of the trip and what everyone wants the trip to be about. You can call this a social contract or even pre-trip counseling – the main objective is to create a solid foundation for solving any structural divides well in advance.

The most commonly overlooked issue that most groups face is how is the group going to make decisions. The most common ways this can be done is by consensus or letting the most tired person have a say on a course of action.


Set up a Schedule

It is essential to plan out some alone time during a group vacation especially if you are an introvert who cannot go without some alone time. Think of all the things that you would enjoy doing alone at your destination and plan it well in advance. Let your group know about it as well so that they can make other plans. Also, tell them that it is nothing personal, they will understand.


Have a healthy mix of scheduled and unscheduled days

On one hand, there are travelers that like to plan out every moment of their vacation and there are those that are completely spontaneous and go where their journey takes them. They both have their advantages and flaws so a combination of both is advisable as it will result in the perfect balance. When things don’t go according to plan during your Australia travel (happens quite often) you will have extra cushion days to make up for it.


Don’t leave your routine back home

Bring parts of your routine from back home on your vacation to not get carried away and go completely overboard. It can be simple things like waking up at a certain time. calling it a night at a routine time or doing a bit of yoga in the morning. This will ensure that you are well rested to experience all that the place has to offer. Lack of sleep is by far the most common problem with travelers which can lead to bad mood and conflicts as a direct result.

Considering all the above-mentioned tips, plan accordingly.